Budget & Performance Metrics

Budget/Annual Financial Report

As a key player in the economic development of the New North region, Fox Valley Technical College proactively prepares a diverse workforce to thrive in changing regional and global markets.

The college plans its annual budget in response to workforce demands, delivering over 200 associate degree, technical diploma, trade apprenticeship and certificate programs in addition to providing specialized training to business and industry. Tuition rates, regulated by the Wisconsin Technical College System, are significantly lower than other higher education systems, making technical colleges the affordable alternative.

Over the last few years, the state has imposed strict limits on the College’s primary funding sources--general state aid and property taxes.  As a result, the College continually seeks supplemental sources of funding to deliver on its mission to provide quality education and training.  State and federal grants, business partnerships, and community support channeled through the FVTC Foundation provide much-needed resources for expanding educational offerings, facilities, equipment and scholarships.

To learn more about how Fox Valley Technical College is exercising financial stewardship, please call 920-831-4355.

Performance Metrics

College Performance

Fox Valley Technical College is committed to excellence in education.

The Board of Trustees and college leadership have established a number of measures to ensure progress toward our stated purposes and strategic directions. Through a formal, systematic review process, we stay abreast of trends and changing dynamics that impact our effectiveness at meeting the educational needs of the communities we serve. By closely monitoring our performance, college leadership can respond with the necessary actions. 

Monitoring of College Performance

The FVTC mission is delineated by eight statutory purposes embodied in the college's key offerings and used to direct and monitor its efforts. Since 1994, college performance related to each purpose has been systematically analyzed by a cross-section of staff and thoroughly reviewed by the Board of Trustees on an annual cycle.

This data-based evaluation process, known as Performance Monitoring, drives both important recognition of accomplishments and improvement strategies. The links below include the most recent reports approved by the Board of Trustees:

Apprenticeship (PDF)
Associate Degree Programs, Technical Diploma Programs, and Certificates (PDF)
Basic Skills (PDF)
Business & Industry (PDF)
Collaborations with Schools and Colleges (PDF)
Non-Credit Programming (PDF)
Counseling / Student Support Services & Special Populations (PDF)

The FVTC Board of Trustees provides a rating (5 point scale) of each Performance Monitoring Report. The report linked below shows three-year trends in report ratings.

Performance Monitoring Report: 2020-2023 (PDF)

Monitoring of Strategic Directions

Fox Valley Technical College has established key measures of effectiveness with annual targets of performance for each of the Strategic Directions. Results of each measure are collected and analyzed annually to determine performance levels which are at, above or below the target goal. College leadership examines performance trends to identify areas of strength and for continuous improvement or refinement of the measure to better advance the achievement of the Strategic Direction. Environmental scanning efforts provide an ongoing assessment of external factors which may have an significant impact on the intent of the Strategic Directions related strategies or the measurable indicators of effectiveness. 

FVTC Strategic Directions

Monitoring of Graduate Employment

Fox Valley Technical College conducts an employment survey of graduates six months and five years after graduation. Graduates who respond to the survey provide job-related information regarding their current salary, work hours, job title, etc. The survey results provide a comparative resource to monitor graduate employment success and job trends.

Graduate Surveys:

2021 Graduate Employment Research Report (PDF)
WTCS Graduate Outcomes Report


Monitoring of Student Satisfaction

The use of a number of different student satisfaction survey tools provides a broad understanding of students’ views about their educational experience at Fox Valley Technical College.

Both program and non-program students are surveyed, which provides a more comprehensive analysis of student satisfaction from a number of perspectives, such as quality of instruction, support services, facilities, and the college in general.

Student Satisfaction Surveys: 

2016 Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Report (PDF)
2018 Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Report (PDF)
2020 Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Report (PDF)