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Tammie DeVooght Blaney Biography

Fox Valley Technical College Board of Trustees
Board Designation  |  Additional Member  |  Neenah Resident
International Association of Structural Movers, Neenah

Tammie DeVooght Blaney has been a member of the District Board since 2013. She worked in the education field as a counselor, advisor, and financial aid administrator for most of her professional career. In 2014, DeVooght Blaney accepted a consulting position to work with the International Association of Structural Movers (IASM). She is currently the Director of IASM and the Editor of Structural Mover Magazine.

DeVooght Blaney has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UW-Oshkosh and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Lakeland College.

A Menasha native and current Oshkosh resident, DeVooght Blaney has three children.