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Our Grads Get Jobs

Fox Valley Tech students benefit from a strong track record of job employment. Our study of 2017-18 graduates shows that 94% of our alumni are employed within six months of graduation. Your FVTC education will provide hands-on learning for high-skill occupations that are in demand. Explore all FVTC programs.

FVTC Graduate Employment Over Last 5-Years


Graduate Employment Facts

  • High graduate employment rate of 94%.

  • Average starting salary of a 2017-18 FVTC graduate is about $42,000 a year.

  • High approval rates indicate 98% satisfaction with an FVTC education. 

  • 79 of FVTC’s degree and diploma programs have 100% graduate employment.

Why do employers hire our grads?

Because they have the necessary skills to do the job! We work closely with area employers to ensure our students are learning the skills needed in today's competitive workplace. In addition to those technical skills, you'll also learn Employability Essentials, the skills and behaviors employers want in the workplace.

Adapt to Change

Anticipate changes and positively respond to them.

Think Critically and Creatively

Apply independent and rigorous reasoning that leads to informed decisions, innovation and personal empowerment.

Work Collaboratively

Work collaboratively with others to complete tasks, solve problems, resolve conflicts, provide information and offer support.

Communicate Effectively and Respectfully

Apply appropriate writing, speaking and listening skills across various settings to engage diverse audiences.

Act Responsibly

Apply ethical standards in both personal and professional behavior.

Upcoming Employability Essentials Events

The Means to Succeed  |  Tue., Aug. 27
Employability Skills: Adapt to Change, Act Responsibly

Student Government Association (SGA) Meetings  |  Bi-Weekly Meetings
Employability Skills: Act Responsibly, Communication Effectively and Respectfully 

Learn, Lead, Succeed  |  Tue., Sept. 17
Employability Skills: Act Responsibly, Adapt to Change, Communicate Effectively and Respectfully, Think Critically and Creatively 

Suicide Awareness  |  Tue., Oct. 8 
Employability Skills: Adapt to Change, Communicate Effectively and Respectfully, Think Critically and Creatively

Explore the current 3-year average salary information report (PDF) for FVTC graduates. Learn more about the employment resources available to FVTC students and graduates. 

For more graduate employment facts, including specific details by program, read our full research reports:

2019 Graduate Employment Research Report (PDF)

2018 Graduate Employment Research Report (PDF)

2017 Graduate Employment Research Report (PDF)

Employment Connections

Employment services begin when you enroll as an FVTC student and continue throughout your employment career. 

Get help with: 

  • Full-and part-time job opportunities 
  • On-campus employer interviews
  • Employment information and resources 
  • Centralized resource for internships
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