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Fox Valley Technical College provides **skilled facilitators** for your next meeting, problem solving, assessment debrief or improvement project. We also provide **customized facilitation training** to build employee skills and improve meeting effectiveness. Our facilitation training provides skills to lead meetings, facilitate a continuous improvement event or just better understand group and team dynamics using tools such as TTI Success Insights®.
**Looking for a skilled facilitator?** Our facilitators meet with you and your team to gather requirements, develop a process and define outcomes for a professional facilitation experience.
**Do your employees need better meeting management or facilitation skills?** Check out the wide variety of training options.

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  • Module Options
    **Effective Meeting Skills**
    Effective meetings require a consistent approach to meeting organization and communication. This course is targeted toward internal meeting leaders, to help them take control and be more productive with meeting time. You will learn about:
    * Elements of effective meetings
    * Meeting facilitation techniques
    * Meeting roles and responsibilities
    * Using guidelines for success to stay focused
    * Methods for checking consensus
    * Challenges of virtual meetings (webinars, conference calls)
    **Facilitating Diverse Groups & Teams**
    Learn how to manage complex group and team interactions. Explore effective facilitation skills and ways to create and maintain a positive meeting atmosphere. Benefit from learning necessary tools to grow as a team. Inspire collective action through collaborative leadership while understanding and working with a diverse group of people. The self-paced, online training helps you accomplish tasks with a group of people and move them to consensus.
    * Beginning a facilitation session and maintaining focus
    * Creating and maintaining a positive meeting atmosphere
    * Recording group ideas and the rules of wording
    * Addressing and managing group conflict in a non-confrontational and effective way
    * Conducting process checks and exploring reasons meetings falter
    * Leveraging decision-making tools to arrive at agreeable solutions
    * Action planning and strategies to avoid poor follow through
    **Facilitation Core Skills**
    This is ideal for anyone who needs to learn how to manage complex group interactions. While the core skills taught are applicable for neutral, third-party facilitators; the session also addresses their use by leaders and team members. Includes four hours of self-paced online learning, plus four hours of classroom learning. You will learn about:
    * Five core practices
    * The start sequence
    * Establishing norms
    * Recording group ideas
    * Conflict intervention techniques
    * Process checking
    * Conversation structure
    * Decision-making tools
    * Ways to bring closure
    * Strategies to avoid follow-through
    **Facilitation in Workplace Situations**
    Conducting meetings? Solving problems with teams? Implementing lean projects? All of these require a facilitator who is able to balance the process and content in order to get results. This session provides the foundation of facilitating and an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your abilities. You will learn about:
    * Easy-to-follow instructions, techniques and hands-on tools to create dynamic group settings
    * Common facilitation dilemmas and their solutions
    * Essential process tools for all facilitation activities
    * Methods for reaching decisions
    * Five stages of planned facilitation
    **Rapid Improvement Event Preparation & Facilitation**
    Rapid improvement or kaizen activities which implement change in organization processes are one of the most important elements in a successful lean implementation. Explore all the elements for and running a lean event. Roles are outlined and data gathering strategies are explored to help facilitators and team leaders understand the various roles and requirements. You will learn about:
    * Creating process changes through rapid improvement activities
    * Elements of preparing for and running a lean event
    * The roles and requirements of facilitators, team leaders and event participants
    * Skills to lead lean initiatives within your organization
    **Tools for Lean Facilitation: Idea Generation**
    Working in cross-functional teams is most valuable when the activity leverages the ideas and insights of all of its members. This training will teach participants how to use lean tools for generating, organizing and using ideas. Practice with tools that organizations use on their own as well as in combination with other lean techniques. Obtain resources for further study about creativity tools and decision-making methods applied in a lean environment. You will learn about:
    * Using lean tools to generate ideas
    * Strategies to organize and use ideas to implement improvement
    * Tools to encourage creativity, brainstorming and idea generation
    **Tools for Lean Facilitation: Prioritizing & Selecting Solutions**
    The power of teamwork lies in using the best brainpower available. Often, however, teams come up with more possible solutions than they could reasonably implement. This training will enable you to identify themes within a list of ideas, combine the best aspects of various options and select the best solution to put in place. Learn how to develop and use evaluation criteria. Practice with lean tools that help teams to decide which solution provides the best opportunity to achieve its improvement goals. You will learn about:
    * The importance of selecting solutions that are a "best fit"
    * Ways teams can prioritize solutions
    * Evaluation criteria options
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