Strategy Deployment

The strategy deployment model and related training services are designed to help an organization's executive team develop consensus and align goals. It is the leadership team's responsibility to define True North and align the organization's mission, vision and values. Downstream implementation teams can then focus continuous improvement efforts on the right value-adding activities.
The course meets for four hours a day for four days and focuses on leadership's role in communicating the strategy, removing barriers, and providing a supportive environment that encourages breakthrough thinking to achieve organizational change.

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    **SESSION 1:**
    Following a discussion of lean principles, organizational strategies, and the purpose/process of strategy deployment, participants are led through a series of activities to attain alignment on topics such as Voice of the Customer, Business Goals and Objectives, Marketplace and Competitive Priorities, Internal Processes and Systems including organizational culture and readiness for change. A review of True North is also addressed and discussed.
    * Aligning business goals to mission
    * Developing the vision of True North
    * Creating executive-level ownership and support models
    **SESSION 2 & 3:**
    Using the Plan Do Check Adjust (PDCA) process, the team will walk through the strategy development model starting with the current state and looking toward the ideal and future states. Once team members have completed the PDCA analysis, they will consolidate the plan by developing an X-Matrix designed to guide the organization through the deployment process.
    * Understanding the current state
    * Developing a future state plan to support organization change, growth and development
    * Creating a deployment model that supports organizational initiatives
    * Communicating a cohesive plan to guide prioritization and problem solving
    **SESSION 4:**
    Supportive strategies such as creating an obeya room and establishing clear process owners are addressed. The session concludes with a review of problem solving strategies that address operational problems quickly and consistently.
    * Standardized cadence process
    * Standardized problem solving process
    * Standardized problem escalation process
    * Standardized reflection process
    * Linking competing priorities back to True North
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