Practical Property Training

Fox Valley Technical College *Practical Property Training* features four (4) course options to provide an understanding of residential and commercial construction for property and casualty claims professionals. The training addresses terminology, practices and estimating for residential and commercial properties.
Courses are offered as scheduled seminars or can be delivered as customized services at a location of your choice. Skills gained through classroom and hands-on activities increase the ability to scope losses, determine material quantities, assign accurate pricing or access additional information. Our hands-on course content addresses hail, roofing, siding, water remediation and more. Classes also include field trips and guest presentations on current industry practices.
Practical property and casualty topics include:
* **[Practical Property 101: Basic Residential Construction](**
* **[Practical Property 102: Intermediate Residential](**
* **[Practical Property: Mechanical Systems](**
* **[Practical Property 201: Commercial](**
Learn more by viewing the additional information below. Explore FVTC construction seminars for scheduled practical property courses or request information to arrange a phone consultation with the instructor.
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Practical Property Training courses are held at [FVTC's S. J. Spanbauer Center](

    Additional Information

  • Target Audience
    The *Practical Property Training* offerings are for property and casualty claims professionals. Training is intended for multi-line and specialized insurance adjusters or contractors interested in gaining insight to this industry.
  • Training Outline
    **Practical Property 101 - Basic Residential**
    * **Framing Systems:** Classroom instruction includes materials and methods; quantity determination; estimating guidelines; floor, wall, and roof framing components. Lab instruction includes installation of roof coverings; flashing and composition shingles; and ventilation principles.
    * **Exterior Finish Systems:** Classroom instruction includes materials and methods; estimating guidelines; assessment of waste and coverage; siding and roofing damage ability; roof diagramming; flashing; and analysis of lump sum bids. Lab instruction includes installation and repair of various vinyl and aluminum siding materials and drywall repair.
    * **Interior Finish Systems:** Classroom instruction includes a quiz; materials and methods; damage ability of coverings; plaster/drywall; product identification; and estimating guidelines. Lab instruction includes installation and repair of floor covering; and vinyl, hardwood and carpet.
    * **Estimate Pricing/Published Cost Data:** Classroom instruction includes proper use of published unit cost reference manuals for estimate pricing; survey of available cost guides; and proper use of cost valuation manuals. Lab instruction includes a field trip to a rough-framed house.
    * **Final Evaluation:** Exam that includes preparation of three (3) actual damage estimates: water damage, wind damage and fire loss.
    **Practical Property 102 - Intermediate Residential**
    * **Scoping Losses:** Classroom instruction includes proper scope preparation; evaluation of cost vs. risk; reaching agreement on scope with insured and contractor; and preparation of numerous loss scopes from actual claim files. Lab instruction includes installation of cedar shingles, concrete tile and spot repairs.
    * **Determination of Quality Level:** Classroom instruction includes quality assessment; millwork overview; and millwork specifications for mouldings, doors, windows, cabinets. Lab instruction includes a guest presentation on estimating cabinets and counters.
    * **Resolving Matching Problems:** Classroom instruction includes accurate scoping of losses; necessary communication; technical solutions; locating hard-to-find materials; creative use of existing technologies; accessing information and technical expertise; and The Price is Right exercise. Lab instruction includes a field trip to K & M Cabinets to view millwork production.
    * **Pricing Estimates/Computerized Systems:** Classroom instruction includes estimate pricing review; trade minimums; time and material vs. unit cost estimates; and calculation of overhead and profit. Lab instruction includes repair of solid wood, sheet material and high pressure laminate. It also includes a field trip to scope a completed house.
    * **Final Review/Volumes of Data:** Classroom instruction includes making the most of claim reviews and where to focus attention. Lab instruction includes an exam on all seminar content.
    **Practical Property 201 - Commercial**
    * **Systems Overview:** Classroom instruction includes residential vs. commercial practice; commercial product overview; CSI format, and using commercial construction documents for scoping and take-off
    * **General Contracting, Masonry, Pre-engineered Metal Building:** Classroom instruction includes how a general contractor estimates; market forces; masonry materials and methods; principles of pre-engineered construction; and estimate/repair strategies. The day also includes a guest expert.
    * **Commercial Roofing Systems:** Classroom instruction includes conceptual overview of commercial roofing systems; five components of any roof; system overview: BUR, single-ply and modified roofs; adjustment options: repair/restore/retrofit/replace; evaluating site conditions, scope and price. The day also includes a guest expert.
    * **Extruded Aluminum & Glazing Systems, Hollow Metal Frames:** Classroom instruction includes system components; frames/hardware; associated hardware; detailed steps to scoping losses; estimate guidelines; and lab demonstration of installation/repair procedures.
    * **Exterior Insulation Finish Systems:** Classroom instruction includes system overview; installation procedure; maintenance requirements; damage ability; steps to proper scope preparation; and estimate guidelines. The final session also includes an exam on all course content.
    **Practical Property Training - Mechanical Systems**
    * **HVAC:** Classroom instruction includes identification and description of various systems; materials and methods; damageability and reparability. Lab instruction includes walk through of mock up with actual hvac equipment with an expert presenter. There will also be hands-on activities.
    * **Plumbing Systems:** Classroom instruction includes overview of residential plumbing systems and materials. Emphasis on material use and compatibility; damageability and reparability; fixtures and pricing. Lab instruction will include hands on activities along with walk through of plumbing mock-up with an expert presenter.
    * **Electrical Systems:** Classroom instruction will include overview of electricity generation and distribution; basics of circuitry in the home; damageability and reparability; materials and methods and basic estimating. Lab instruction will include tour of mock up and hands on activities with an expert presenter.
    * **Evaluation:** Each day will include a short quiz with an actual damage estimate.
  • Course Options
    ***PPT 101 Basic Residential - $975 per person***
    This is the first course in a series of property courses. Course focus is on providing a sound understanding of residential construction basics, i.e. construction terminology, construction practice, and the fundamentals of residential property estimating. It is intended as an introductory course for new hires, multi-line adjusters, and those with only basic property experience. Skills gained will increase the ability to scope losses, determine material quantities, assign accurate pricing and assess indirect costs. This seminar provides the foundation for subsequent property education.
    **Learn About:**
    * Framing Systems
    * Exterior Finish Systems
    * Interior Finish Systems
    * Estimate Pricing/Published Cost Data
    **Upcoming Sessions:**
    * [View Dates & Register](
    ***PPT 102 Intermediate Residential - $975 per person***
    This second course stresses the importance of sound claims handling--from initial scope preparation through estimate preparation and loss settlement. Following a one-day review of accurate scoping technique, participants will use their knowledge and experience in the settlement of numerous case studies. Topics include: discrimination of unit costs, assessment of "like kind and quality," resolution of matching problems, determination of trade minimums and reasonable overhead and profit, file review techniques, and introduction to computerized estimating programs. Hands-on lab activities demonstrate practical strategies used to minimize repair costs to high-end materials. Intended for those who have completed PPT 101 or have moderate experience with property losses.
    **Learn About:**
    * Scoping Losses
    * Determination of Quality Level
    * Resolving Matching Problems
    * Pricing Estimates/Computerized Systems
    * File Review/Volumes of Data
    **Upcoming Sessions:**
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    ***Practical Property Mechanical Systems - $1,000 per person***
    Practical Property Training Mechanical Systems is the third in a series of property courses offered at Fox Valley Techincal College. The primary focus of this 3 day course is to provide all attendees with a sound understanding of residential mechanical systems basics, i.e. functions, terminology, common loss scenarios and the fundamentals of estimating these systems. Intended for those who have completed PPT 101 and 102 or have moderate experience with property losses.
    **Learn about:**
    * How residential systems work
    * Understanding of associated terminology
    * Ability to confidently negotiate claims settlements with homeowners, contractors and third party representatives
    **Upcoming Sessions:**
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    ***PPT 201 Commercial - $1,075 per person***
    The fourth class provides an understanding of the similarities and contrasts between the residential and commercial construction markets. Product knowledge, industry practice, proper application of cost data, and techniques for accessing expert assistance are central seminar themes. Guest experts provide technical information -- as well as practical insight -- into working with selected commercial systems and dealing with specialty contractors. Each days activity concludes with a detailed discussion/demonstration of how to estimate a selected commercial building system or component, followed by an evening assignment in which participants must demonstrate the ability to apply this information to the completion of a commercial loss estimate. Intended for those who have completed both PPT 101 and 102 or have substantial property experience. A course text is included.
    **Learn About:**
    * Systems Overview
    * General Contracting, Masonry, Pre-engineered Metal Buildings
    * Commercial Roofing Systems
    * Extruded Aluminum & Glazing Systems, Hollow Metal Frames & Hardware
    * Exterior Insulation Finish Systems
    **Upcoming Sessions:**
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