+Virtual: Customer Service, Sales & Marketing

Select customer service, sales & marketing topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.
Check out popular topics, review module descriptions and contact us to schedule virtual training for your workplace.
* Call Center/Customer Care Center
* Customer Experience
* Fostering Strong Internal Customer Relationships
* Proactive Selling
* Sales Fundamentals
* Telephone Techniques

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  • Module Options
    **Call Center/Customer Care Center**
    * Critical Core Skills for a High-Performance Contact Center 2-3 hr. per
    * Call Center Customer Service: Repair/Troubleshooting Focus 3 hr. per
    * Call Center Customer Service: Sales Focus 3 hr. per
    **Customer Experience**
    * Going above and beyond what is minimally expected
    * Creating an amazing experience for customers
    * Critical communication components and their importance
    * Handling the difficult and challenging customers
    * Working with difficult customers and the tools to use
    **Fostering Strong Internal Customer Relationships**
    * Self-evaluate how paradigms can be self-limiting
    * Building and maintaining the relationships we have with others
    * Understand how others perception of us influences the reciprocal value of relationships
    * Tips to improving even the best workplace relationships
    **Proactive Selling**
    * Research on the value of cross-selling and upselling
    * How cross-selling and upselling benefits my customer and my company
    * Effective language for cross-sell and upsell
    * Six important tips/practices for cross-sell and upsell conversations
    * Trial, direct, and assumptive closing techniques
    **Sales Fundamentals**
    * What influences purchase decisions
    * Horizontal and vertical selling
    * Preparing for your customer and building rapport and trust
    * Knowing your competition and differentiating yourself
    * Asking the 'right' questions and actively listening to your customer
    * Handling customer questions and making tailored recommendations
    * Creating a strong value proposition and decoding buying signals
    * Resolving objections to the offer and closing the sale
    * Following up and following through after the sale
    **Telephone Techniques**
    * Identifying needs and expectations of telephone customers
    * Identifying and applying customer service concepts to telephone conversations
    * Speaking at an appropriate rate and volume
    * Responding appropriately to incoming calls, including complaints
    * Taking complete, accurate messages
    * Using good listening skills to understand the message and diffuse emotional barriers
    * Creating effective voicemail messages
    * Communicating a positive, courteous and helpful attitude
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