Manufacturing & Automation


In this growing area of engineering, you’ll get the skills you need for a career as a manufacturing engineer, automation engineer, maintenance technician, electro-mechanical technician, engineering technician, quality engineer or quality analyst.


  • Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology (AAS)

    60 Credits Location: Appleton

    Manufacturers are using machine automation and controls to produce quality products faster and more efficiently. These automated systems also provide critical information to help managers make good business decisions. The ability to produce a product while providing data is an important part of automation. Businesses need skilled people to design and build systems that integrate multiple technologies. With this degree, you could qualify for those high-tech careers. Learn about electronics, computers, control systems, programming, robots, fluid power, sensors and more. You will be able to install, program, design, troubleshoot and repair automated systems.

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  • Automation & Maintenance, Advanced (C)

    24 Credits Location: Appleton

    This certificate is designed for experienced engineering and maintenance technicians. You'll advance your automation skills using PLCs, HMI's, sensors, robotics, vision systems, safety controllers and devices, and servo motion control. You'll also learn how to integrate multiple industrial devices to create a working manufacturing cell. After completing this certificate, credits earned will apply toward Electro-Mechanical Technology or Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology associate degrees.

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  • Computer Applications in Automation (C)

    3 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

    This certificate is a great starting point to gain new skills in computer software applications used in industrial automation settings. You’ll read blueprints while designing and drawing objects with AutoCAD and use Microsoft Office for foundational skills necessary as a technician.

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  • Computer Programming in Automation (C)

    3 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

    If you have an interest in computer programming concepts and structures used in industrial automation settings, then this certificate is a great starting point. You’ll develop and edit various PC-based programs, learning solid fundamental programming structures to apply in PLC, HMI, robotic, safety and other industrial programming applications.

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  • Electro-Mechanical Technology (AAS)

    60 Credits Locations: Appleton, Oshkosh

    If you’re a good problem solver who enjoys working with your hands, this might be a good career choice for you. You will learn to install, troubleshoot and repair complex machinery for business and industry. You’ll gain knowledge and skills related to electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical devices, industrial computers, sensors, instrumentation equipment and automated systems. You’ll also learn to calibrate instruments, write programmable logic controller (PLC) programs, tune closed loop automated systems and design products. Excellent career opportunities await graduates of this degree program.

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  • Instrumentation & Process Control (C)

    11 Credits Locations: Appleton, Oshkosh

    In the world of automation, Instrumentation and Process Control requires an understanding of the terms and concepts used to describe and control closed-loop systems. Closed-loop systems are the automatic controls that keep processes operating within correct ranges. In this program, you'll learn how closed-loop systems operate including flow, level, temperature and pressure. You'll also gain an understanding of instrumentation processes and equipment that will provide the needed skills to start working with these systems.

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  • Intro to PLC Control (C)

    9 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

    Get started and learn the basics of PLC programming and PLC control. You’ll gain an understanding of DC electrical circuits, and how to safely and effectively wire 24DC industrial components. After learning fundamental industrial programming concepts, you’ll program two unique Allen Bradley PLC platforms.

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  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology (AAS)

    61 Credits Location: Appleton

    Looking for a fun yet challenging career where you can use hands-on skills to solve problems? The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program will prepare you to work in all types of manufacturing industries designing and improving processes. You’ll develop a broad background and gain hands-on experience in many areas including manufacturing processes, automated manufacturing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, fixture and tooling design, and mechanical and electrical system design. Lean production principles, project management, engineering economic analysis and communication skills are also important parts of this program. Get ready for a fulfilling career working with people at all levels to ensure the success of your organization.

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  • PLC Integration (C)

    12 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

    With this certificate, you’ll learn about PLC programming and PLC control, while Integrating Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and SCADA control to PLC applications. You’ll gain an understanding of DC electrical circuits, and how to safely and effectively wire 24V DC industrial components. After learning fundamental industrial programming concepts, you’ll program two unique Allen Bradley PLC platforms. Then you’ll take PLC programs one step further by developing independent HMI applications to control them.

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  • Quality Engineering Technology (AAS)

    60 Credits Location: Online

    Meeting customer expectations is of vital importance to the success of every organization. In the Quality Engineering Technology program, you'll gain the skills necessary to engage in continuous improvement activities as well as traditional quality and inspection duties. You'll learn how to use structured problem-solving methodologies including Six Sigma, 8D and PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) to identify root causes and implement corrective actions. You'll also learn to apply the tools and techniques that support these methodologies. This program allows specialization in either industrial manufacturing where product inspection and measurement takes place or in food and paper processing where laboratory work is more common.

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  • Quality Technician (TD)

    20 Credits Location: Online

    Get your foot in the door to a great career working in manufacturing quality. This program will prepare you for inspecting manufactured parts, including the reading of engineering drawings and using common measurement tools. You'll also learn how to implement process improvements and corrective actions.

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