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Fire Protection Technician

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Skills Assessment

An academic skills assessment is required for admission into this program or the following: High School GPA of 2.75 or higher (last 10 years) OR provide completion of associate’s or higher degree OR; 165 or higher on your 2014 series GED tests OR; ACT OR SAT OR Accuplacer OR Companion OR Compass (last 3 years) to waive to the general education level; The cost of the Accuplacer assessment is $15; Catalog #: 94100100; Learn more at

Additional Information

Students will need to obtain a WI CDL trainers permit, which will be needed in 3rd semester

A physical performed by FVTC’s Occupational Health provider must be completed before starting the program -Details on the physical are provided at new program student orientation and physicals conducted with other providers not affiliated with FVTC’s Occupational Health contract will not be accepted.

For a complete list of supplies students are required to purchase visit:

In the program, you will have the opportunity to complete certification training for the State of Wisconsin in Firefighter I, Fire Inspector I, and Driver/Operator-Pumper. The department offers opportunities to take Firefighter II, Fire Instructor I and Fire Officer I certification courses.  Hazardous Materials Awareness, Operations and Technician level is ProBoard certified.  You will receive training in rope rescue, confined space rescue, and trench rescue to the Technician level. You will also receive EMT-Basic certification training while completing your associate degree.

A criminal background check and drivers license history will be required for this program.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply critical thinking skills to both emergency and non-emergency situations.
  • Apply incident management and mitigation skills to emergency incidents
  • Communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and through written documentation with clients, coworkers, other agencies, and supervisors
  • Demonstrate professional conduct by displaying personal code of ethics, positive work ethics, flexibility, teamwork skills, physical fitness, safe procedures, and sensitivity to diverse cultures and individuals
  • Meet professional fire and EMS credentialing standards
  • Perform fire prevention activities including preplanning, public education, inspection, and investigation

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