Leadership Opportunities & Programs


Looking to build your leadership skills? There are several student leadership opportunities & programs offered through Student Life. Get a deeper understanding of leadership by attending speakers or seminars offered throughout the year. Gain leadership experience by being part of student leadership organizations while having a direct impact on the lives of your fellow students by helping to create policy, affect change, plan events and publish campus-wide communications.

Student Leadership Collaboration


BizSquad is a grant-funded initiative that utilizes the skills of FVTC business students in supplemental, hands-on learning projects above their regular coursework. The added learning experience provides opportunities for students to help local organizations reach their business goals. 

Campus Leadership Organizations

Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the FVTC student body. SGA discusses student-related items with the college leadership and work together to make your college experience better.

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Leadership Development Model

Academic Success

  • Great connections to FVTC and its resources
  • Improved organization & time management strategies
  • Emphasis on academic excellence
  • Involved students are more likely to graduate

Personal Growth

  • Identity exploration, realization and development
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Resume builder
  • Discovery of passions and strengths

Enhanced Group Dynamics

  • Connections with others that have similar interests
  • Improved conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to function in groups of all kinds of people
  • Deeper awareness & appreciation of cross-cultural differences 
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