Delivering Impactful Messages

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $159.00

Effective leaders are able to communicate using words that motivate, influence and inspire. Do others understand what you need when communicating? How effective are you at delivering messages?  In this session, learn how to present information effectively and clearly. Understand the importance of knowing your audience and how to deliver messages that drive results.
This is part of the [Communication Skills for Emerging Leaders Series.](

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  • Learn About
    * How to present complex information
    * Understanding the power of using fewer words
    * How to decide the best channel to communicate
    * Understanding the importance of knowing your audience and how to best communicate with different groups
    * How to prepare an effective presentation: the Do's and Don'ts
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Increase team efficiency and productivity
    * Enhance employee engagement
    * Create a great culture where people love their jobs
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