Microsoft Office Essentials

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $79.00

Microsoft Office 2019: Essentials provides step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use features that are common to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Learn basic tasks such as opening and saving documents, using the ribbon and quick access toolbar and printing. Acquire essential skills for producing professional work with the Microsoft Office Suite.

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  • Learn About
    * Starting Excel/Word/PowerPoint
    * Using the ribbon and quick access toolbar
    * Using the file menu, status bar and shortcut menu
    * Undoing/Redoing actions and shortcuts
    * Modifying and formatting text
    * Adding pictures and SmartArt
    * Working with windows and various file formats
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Improve your proficiency in using Microsoft Office 2019
  • Training Outline
    **Getting Started**
    * Starting Excel/Word/PowerPoint
    * Using the Ribbon
    * Quick Access Toolbar
    * Undoing/Redoing Actions
    * Repeating an Action
    * Getting Answers from Tell Me and Smart Lookup
    **Using the File Menu, Status Bar and Shortcut Menu**
    * Creating a New Document
    * Opening a Document
    * Saving a Document
    * Saving with a Different Name/Location
    * Previewing and Printing a Document
    * Zooming In/Out
    * Changing How You View the Document
    **Modifying/Formatting Text and Pictures**
    * Inserting/Deleting Text
    * Selecting Text
    * Selecting Shapes or Excel Cells
    * Cut, Copy, Paste
    * Drag and Drop
    * Changing Text Font and Size
    * Enhancing Text: Bold, Italic, etc.
    * Formatting with the Mini Toolbar
    * Changing AutoCorrect Behavior
    * Adding Pictures
    * Adding SmartArt
    **Working with Windows and Various File Formats**
    * Switching between Open Windows
    * Arranging Multiple Windows
    * Saving a PDF
    * Sending a Document as an Email Attachment, PDF or Link
    * File Formats
    * Compatibility with Previous Versions
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