Microsoft Excel Level 3

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $179.00

Learn more specialized and advanced capabilities of Microsoft® Excel®. You will learn about some of the more advanced features of Excel, including advanced data analysis, collaboration on workbooks with other users and automating workbook functionality. Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 1 & 2 or equivalent knowledge/experience.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Using Lookup Functions and Formula Auditing
    • Sharing and Protecting Workbooks
    • Automating Workbook Functionality
    • Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data
    • Forecasting Data
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Improve productivity by allowing mundane tasks to be completed more efficiently
    • Learn valuable tips and tricks to improve efficiency and accuracy
    • Become proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Training Outline

    **Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks**

    • Use Links and External References
    • Use 3-D References
    • Consolidate Data

    **Using Lookup Functions**

    • Using Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX)

    **Sharing and Protecting Workbooks**

    • Collaborate on a Workbook
    • Protect Worksheets and Workbooks

    **Automating Workbook Functionality**

    • Apply Data Validation
    • Search for Invalid Data and Formulas with Errors
    • Work with Macros

    **Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data**

    • Create Sparklines
    • Map Data

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