Leading for Engagement and Results Certificate: A 5-Module Series

Hours: 20.00 | Estimated Cost: $650.00

Gain confidence and skills to get superior results and increased employee engagement. Benefit from step-by-step behaviors and communication skills that increase team members' motivation, productivity, accountability, trust and commitment. For leads, first time supervisors, managers, and experienced leaders who want a solid foundation to conquer today's work challenges.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Motivating your team
    • Communicating for results
    • Providing performance feedback
    • Working with different personalities
    • Resolving conflicts

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Gain a solid foundation to conquer today's work challenges
    • Small class size for individualized results and focused attention

  • Training Outline

    **Module 1:** Motivating the Team: Engage and Motivate Team Members Regularly with Key Actions

    • Work with team members on a day-to-day basis in such a way to maintain and enhance their self-esteem
    • Base discussions about performance and work habits on behavior rather than on personalities and attitudes
    • Involve team members in goal setting, problem solving and decision-making
    • Create a climate where team members want to do their best work

    **Module 2:** Communicating for Results: Effectively Manage Personal and Team Communication

    • Understand the tools to diagnose communication challenges
    • Be aware how perception alters reality
    • Match the best communication method with the message
    • Avoid defensive behavior
    • Share information to increase effectiveness
    • Dialogue honestly & professionally using the XYZ method
    • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
    • Listen to fully understand

    **Module 3:** Providing Performance Feedback: Influence Performance with Regular Constructive Feedback

    • Base assessments on facts and behavior
    • Assess performance
    • Use positive feedback to motivate team members
    • Gain team member participation in assessment
    • Gain team member agreement with the assessment
    • Gain team member commitment to the change needed to improve performance

    **Module 4:** Working with Different Personalities: Understand Yourself and Others and Leverage Synergy

    • Analyze natural and adapted behavioral styles
    • Identify the specific talents brought to the organization
    • Dos and Donts of communicating for effectiveness and influence
    • Recognize the behaviors towards how problems are solved and challenges met
    • Detect responsiveness to the pace of the environment, rules and procedures
    • Control situations with self-perception and awareness of others perceptions
    • Minimize limitations and blind spots for personal and interpersonal performance enhancement

    **Module 5:** Resolving Conflicts: Establish Practical Approaches to Recognizing and Resolving Conflicts

    • Understand how conflict is a part of all work situations
    • Recognize the positive and negative impacts of conflicts
    • Leverage positive conflict to the individual and teams advantage
    • Establish a cooperative atmosphere to resolve conflicts
    • Adopting a conflict resolution model for lasting impact


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