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Get the skills you need for a career in software and website development. FVTC has programs that will train you for careers as an application developer, information systems analyst, web designer, webmaster and web system administrator.


  • Data Specialist (AAS) New

    60 Credits Location: Online

    As a Data Specialist, you’ll collect, structure, transform, quality check and analyze data from numerous sources. You’ll collaborate with decision-makers and stakeholders; create processes to gather, manage and utilize data; implement those processes using a variety of technologies to create reports and visualizations; and support data scientists, data architects and data consumers. Through their systems, analyses and communications, Data Specialists empower decisions and their organizations.

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  • Mobile Applications Development (C)

    12 Credits Location: Appleton

    As mobile usage skyrockets, so does the demand for IT professionals who can create mobile applications. This certificate will give you the skills needed to design and build mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad and Touch), Android and Windows environments. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience to build your proficiency. This growing career field holds lots of opportunities.

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  • Software Developer (AAS)

    62 Credits Location: Appleton

    Are you good at problem solving? Software developers solve problems by developing computer applications for business, such as producing payroll checks, billing customers, tracking of inventory and many other important functions. You’ll learn how to analyze business needs; then use that information to design, write and maintain program code to meet that need. Your work may include software and hardware on personal computers or interfacing with systems on the Web. You learn basic computer concepts and terminology and will develop skills in database concepts and applications, data manipulation, problem solving and general language architecture. You’ll have opportunities to practice with hands-on exercises, projects and assignments.

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  • Web Design (TD)

    28 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

    With the Web Design technical diploma, you’ll be prepared to work in this ever-changing technology field. You’ll learn languages and tools for designing and developing the content, presentation and behavior of responsive websites. Hands-on courses will include layout techniques, optimizing graphics for the web, utilizing a content management system, writing web-friendly content, and learning basic design and programming skills.

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  • Web Development & Design Specialist (AAS)

    60 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

    The rapidly evolving field of web development has created a need for people with the technical skills to design, develop and support websites. Virtually all businesses require a public website and many develop internal intranets to support various applications. This degree will give you skills to create and maintain professional, high-quality websites. You will learn how to use HTML 5, cascading style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, PHP and ASP.NET. You’ll also learn how to develop database-driven websites with dynamic content. Your training includes the development of web graphics and animation techniques. Businesses large and small are calling on people with these skills to help them establish and maintain a website. Get the training you need for this exciting career field.

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