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Global Studies

Global studies are designed for both domestic and international students and help to incorporate global perspectives into professional interactions and decision-making. You’ll receive training to be more effective when working with people from other cultures and doing business internationally. Whether you’re in management, finance, marketing, product development, logistics or services, global studies prepares you to excel in today’s business environment.


English Business Communication (C)

13 Credits Location: Appleton

If English is not your native language, this program can help you develop your communication skills in English and expand your understanding of the American business culture. You’ll also learn about starting your own business. Your focus will be on English terminology and its application in business. These courses are designed to help you build a deeper understanding of the subjects both in English and in your first language.

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English Language Competency - Advanced (C)

15 Credits Location: Appleton

Improve your ability to communicate and interact effectively with English speakers through this Intensive English certificate. You’ll fine tune your English skills in grammar, writing, listening and speaking. After you successfully complete this Intensive English program, you may enroll in a degree program without TOEFL at Fox Valley Technical College or at many other universities and colleges.

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English Language Competency - Intermediate (C)

15 Credits Location: Appleton

If you are an English Language Learner with basic English skills and you want to continue building your grammar, writing, listening and speaking skills, this Intensive English certificate can help you get there. Your training includes personal attention and support from your instructors. Cultural field trips will help you learn about the community. After you successfully complete this Intensive English program, you can enroll in the advanced level certificate.

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Global Advantage Professional (C)

12 Credits Location: Appleton

The Global Advantage Professional certificate offers a variety of technical or general education courses with internationalized content and at least one global education course. You’ll gain global awareness, be introduced to international dimensions of your field of study, and will develop cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability.

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Global Business Professional (C)

6 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

Develop international business skills necessary in today’s global marketplace. By completing these six accelerated online courses, you’ll develop a diverse set of highly marketable skills in international marketing and product development; culture, communications and strategy; as well as sales, finance, banking and logistics. Upon completion, you’ll have a thorough understanding of international business. The coursework and activities will also prepare you for a national exam (optional) with NASBITE.

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Intercultural Relations (C)

15 Credits Location: Appleton

The ability to effectively interact across cultures is a highly sought after skill in today’s global business environment. The Intercultural Relations certificate introduces principles in international relationships, explores the impact of culture on work behavior, and advances knowledge and understanding of other cultures. As a result, you’ll be equipped to incorporate global perspectives into professional interactions and decision making, in order to excel in today’s competitive business environment.

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Spanish (C)

15 Credits Location: Appleton

Boost your resume and set yourself apart from the crowd in a competitive job market with language and culture training. You’ll learn to effectively communicate and interact with Spanish speaking clients, customers and colleagues. Or you can use your communication skills for travel. Your training includes traveling to another country for a two-week immersion experience to live among Spanish speakers and practice your skills. Will supplement any profession.

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Spanish Health Care (C)

15 Credits Location: Appleton

If you are a current or future health care professional who wants to effectively communicate and interact with Spanish speaking patients or clients, this certificate will help you develop specialized health care Spanish language skills. To enhance your learning experience, you will travel to another country on a two-week language and culture immersion program where you will live among Spanish speakers and practice your skills. Add Spanish language skills to your resume with this certificate. Will supplement any health care job.

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Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (C)

9 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

Learn to teach English as a second or foreign language in the U.S. or abroad with this certificate. You’ll learn the theories of second language acquisition, along with English language teaching methods. This certificate can also help you enhance your skills and understanding for working with international students. Your training includes observation of English Language Learning (ELL) instruction, with opportunities to practice teaching in an ELL classroom. You’ll have the skills you need to get started.

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World Language Courses



  • Chinese Mandarin 1

  • Chinese Mandarin 2

  • Chinese Mandarin Conversation Advanced

  • Learn Chinese Online  |  Rosetta Stone® eCourse

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  • English Language Learning - Basic Skills

  • English Language Competency - Intermediate

  • English Language Competency - Advanced

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  • French 1

  • French 2

  • French Conversation Advanced

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  • German 1

  • German 2

  • German Conversation Advanced

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  • Hmong 1 for Professionals

  • Hmong 2 for Professionals 

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  • Italian 1 for Culinary Arts

  • Italian 1

  • Italian 2

  • Italian Conversation Advanced

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  • Japanese 1

  • Japanese 2

  • Japanese 3

  • Japanese Conversation  |  Intermediate and Advanced

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  • Polish 1

  • Polish 2

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  • Portuguese 1

  • Portuguese 2

  • Portuguese Conversation Advanced

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  • Russian 1

  • Russian 2

  • Russian Conversation  |  Intermediate and Advanced

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Spanish for True Beginners

Spanish Online Language Lab  |  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced 

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4

Spanish Conversation  |  Intermediate and Advanced 

Spanish 1 Culinary Arts

Spanish for Health Care

Spanish 1 Law Enforcement

Spanish 1 Emergency Responder and Fire Protection

Spanish Refresher

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Types of Offerings

AAS - Associate Degree
TD - Technical Diploma
C - Certificate
A - Apprenticeship

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