Online Learning Resources

There are many resources available to support student success in online classes. It’s also helpful to set up a dedicated work space if you can, and stay current with class discussions and assignments and to maintain communication with your instructor.


Fox Valley Tech Library

FVTC librarians are hard at work and here to serve you.

E-Textbooks (VitalSource)

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How to Check FVTC Email

Find easy ways to access your FVTC email and email help tips.

Additional Resources

Enrollment Services

Email: Enrollment Services

Phone: 920-735-5645


Email: Admissions

Phone: 920-735-5645

Academic Advising

Email: Academic Advising

Phone: 920-735-5696

Counseling & Support

Email: Counseling Center

Phone: 920-735-5696

Text: 920-294-1738

Financial Aid

Email: Financial Aid

Phone: 920-735-5650

Student Financial Services

Email: Student Financial Services

Phone: 920-735-4871

Educational Support Services

Email: Educational Support Services

Phone: 920-735-2569

Library Services

Email: Library Services

Phone: 920-735-5653

Diversity and Inclusion Services

Email: Diversity and Inclusion Services

Phone: 920-735-4825

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) / Tutoring
Career Services

Email: Career Services

Phone: 920-735-5627

Veterans Benefits

Email: Veterans Benefits

Phone: 920-735-5651

FVTC Foundation, Inc.

Email: FVTC Foundation, Inc.

Phone: 920-735-5608

Blackboard Help Desk

FVTC Help Desk