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On Campus Recruitment

On Campus Recruitment

During on-campus recruitment, Employment Connections invites employers to visit our campus to recruit for open positions within their company. 

Employers can choose to recruit two ways: Formal Recruitment or Informal Recruitment. 

Formal Recruitment

Pre-scheduled, one-on-one interviews with employers that are conducted at Fox Valley Technical College (campus location will be determined by employer). Professional attire is a requirement! 

Based on the positions available, qualified students/graduates that are interested in participating submit their resume for consideration. Employers review the submitted resumes and notify Employment Connections of the candidates to be interviewed. Employment Connections schedules the interviews based on the date and time the employer selected to be on campus.

On the day of your formal recruitment interview:

1. Dress professional! 
2. Come prepared! 
3. Bring all documents or materials needed (i.e. references, questions, portfolio). 
4. Arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.
5. Check in with a staff member in Employment Connections (E135).

Informal Recruitment 

Employers reserve a table that is directly across from the Employment Connections office (E135) in the commons to promote their job openings. The campus location is determined by employer. Interested students/graduates can stop by their table in between classes to inquire. Casual attire is acceptable!

No prior sign-up is required for informal recruitment. During the employer's scheduled day to be on campus, stop by the employer's table when it best fits into your schedule. It is a good idea to bring your resume with you.

Advantages of On-Campus Recruitment

  • Employment Connections brings the employers to you.

  • Employment Connections does the legwork of searching for part and/or full-time, program-related employment for you. 

  • Employment Connections coordinates the entire event, there is no work to be done by you except having a resume.

  • Employers participating in on-campus recruitments want to fill their positions with FVTC students/graduates. 


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