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E-Book Subscription and Digital Learning Tools

Cengage Unlimited is an online subscription allowing access to all the digital learning platforms, e-books, online homework and study tools Cengage has to offer. 

This one subscription can be used for multiple classes during the subscription period.

For more details on the benefits of using Cengage visit Cengage Benefits.

E-Books & Materials

Starting the first day of class, get access to all the course materials and textbooks online that Cengage has to offer. Create your account today to begin your subscription!

Tools for Student Success

Use the Cengage Unlimited student success tools and resources to help you succeed in college. Tools include test prep, videos, learning techniques, goal setting, health and wellness, and so much more all inside your Cengage Unlimited account dashboard. To access these tools, login to Blackboard and go to the Cengage folder.

Career Planning

Planning for a successful career can be overwhelming. The Cengage Unlimited Career Success Tips center provides career planning tools that can support you with job search, resume-writing, networking, interviewing, and more right inside your Cengage Unlimited account dashboard. To access this career center, login to Blackboard and go to the Cengage folder.