Campus Weapons Policy

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) is committed to complying with all local, state, and federal laws concerning weapons and/or potentially dangerous devices.


For purposes of this policy, “dangerous weapons” is defined in Wisconsin Statutes, as amended from time to time. Examples of dangerous weapons include: all firearms, compressed gas operated weapons, and electric weapons as defined in Section 941.295 of the Wisconsin Statutes, billy clubs, bows of legal hunting strength, explosives, metallic knuckles or any substance which would be put to the same use with the same or similar effect as metallic knuckles; a nunchaku or any similar weapon consisting of two sticks of wood, plastic or metal, connected at one end by a length of rope, chain, wire or leather; a cestus or similar material weighted with metal or other substance and worn on the hand; a shuriken or any similar pointed star like object intended to injure a person when thrown; a chain having weighted ends; any switchblade knife; any knife with a blade longer than three inches; baton of any type; explosive devices of any type; any "look-alike" instrument or weapon (i.e., "BB gun," pellet gun); oleoresin capsicum spray (pepper spray); or any other device which, in the manner it is used or intended to be used is calculated or likely to produce bodily harm or death.

General Prohibitions

The use, placement, concealment, creation, manufacture, transportation, or possession of dangerous weapons in FVTC buildings (owned or leased), FVTC owned vehicles, all FVTC leased or owned properties, or at an FVTC sponsored event as defined in Sec. 943.13(1e)(h), Wis. Stats. held on public or private property off campus which is posted is strictly prohibited, except as expressly permitted hereafter or allowed by law. Any legal weapons maintained or possessed in a vehicle must be unloaded (except for handguns) and stored out of sight in a locked vehicle. 

Any person in legal possession of a weapon in an area not prohibited is responsible for complying with all applicable local, state, and federal statutes, rules, and regulations. 

Illegal weapons are prohibited on all College property. Any person who is prohibited by state or federal law or court order from possessing firearms is prohibited from possessing firearms on all College property.

Students and Employees and Weapons

FVTC students and employees shall not use, place, transport or possess dangerous weapons in FVTC buildings or while acting as an employee of FVTC, or while attending a FVTC sponsored event as defined in Sec. 943.13(1e)(h), Wis. Stats. Employees and students must also observe the policy developed by any employer or property owner at any alternative site visited for college business or for instruction. Policy Section: Health & Safety Policy Title: Weapons Page 2 of 2 

FVTC recognizes certain exceptions to the foregoing policy as expressly set forth below:

I. Exception for Authorized Peace Officers, On-Duty Military Personnel and Federal Law Enforcement Officers: A dangerous weapon may legally be used, placed, transported or possessed on FVTC campuses, grounds, facilities, or buildings or at FVTC sponsored functions held on public or private property by an on-or off-duty law local or state Wisconsin enforcement officer, a qualified on- or off- duty out of state local or state law enforcement officer as defined in Sec. 941.23(2)(b), Stats., a former qualified law enforcement officer as defined in Sec. 941.23(2)(c), Stats , an on-duty member of the military, an on-or-off-duty federal law enforcement officer when authorized or required to do so by his or her direct supervisor or commanding officer and in accordance with applicable agency rules and policies.

II. Exception for Use, Placement, Transportation or Possession of Weapons by Students and Employees in Instructional Programs: A dangerous weapon may be used, placed, transported or possessed (“possession”) in campus buildings by any instructor or student in a course when such possession is authorized, in advance, is necessary for training purposes and is consistent with specific program practices and procedures. 

A. Possession by a student must be authorized in advance by the instructor. 

B. Possession by the instructor is authorized by the dean of the instructional program with oversight by the Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Officer. 

C. Any firearms so authorized shall be unloaded at all times in FVTC buildings, except when being used for authorized instructional activities on the firing range or (when used with non-lethal marking cartridges) in other authorized areas. 

D. Any firearms or compound bows so authorized shall be encased at all times in FVTC buildings except when being used in a classroom demonstration or other authorized instructional activity. 

E. The instructor and/or the Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Officer are authorized to create additional safety and security procedures if deemed necessary to maintain a safe learning and working environment. F. All required safety and security procedures must be observed prior to, during and after the course of instruction.

III. Exception for Carrying Oleoresin Capsicum Pepper Spray
A. Employees over the age of 18 of the FVTC Security Services Staff will be allowed to carry Oleoresin Capsicum Pepper Spray as approved and issued by the Manager of Security Services. B. Consistent with Wis. Stat. § 941.26(4), pepper spray may be used only in self-defense of security personnel or in the defense of another on FVTC campuses, buildings and grounds. It may also be deployed on an animal for self-defense purposes.

FVTC Weapons Policy FAQ

1. Are firearms and other weapons prohibited at Fox Valley Technical College? Yes, the law allows for the college to prohibit weapons inside the buildings. To maintain compliance with the law, FVTC has posted signs at the entrances to all of its buildings that it owns and leases.
2. Can I store a firearm in my vehicle while parked in a FVTC parking lot?  Yes, the law allows for storage of legal firearms and weapons by individuals allowed to possess weapons while parked in FVTC parking lots. The firearm must be stored properly in compliance with state transportation laws: all firearms except handguns, must be unloaded and cased. In addition, to deter theft any firearm should be stored out of plain view—such as in the trunk or other closed compartment and your vehicle should be locked.

3. Does FVTC hold classes for those wanting to obtain a concealed carry permit? Yes, the Criminal Justice Department offers classes. Contact Enrollment Services for additional information.

4. If I am attending a special event on the grounds at FVTC, can I or any other visitor carry a concealed firearm? Consistent with our overall policy, to the greatest extent allowable by law, FVTC will prohibit weapons at special events. Please check with the College in advance of your arrival to determine whether weapons will be permitted at the event.

5. What should I do if I see someone carrying or possessing a firearm inside a building at Fox Valley Technical College? If the person is not an immediate threat, contact Security Services at 920-735-4777. If the person is an immediate threat or is uncooperative, contact 911.

6. What should I do if I see someone with a firearm at a regional center or a location where there is no on-site security? Contact your local police department. If the person is an immediate threat or is uncooperative, dial 911. As soon as it is practical, contact Security Services at 920-735-4777.