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Active Threat/Lockdown

If an active threat or lockdown situation occurs, please follow these steps:

  1. Dial 911

  2. Close and lock door and barricade

  3. Turn off all the lights

  4. Gather everyone in the corner of the room out of sight and remain quiet

  5. Do not leave the room searching for students

  6. Do not answer the door

  7. Stay in the room until evacuated by the police

  8. Be prepared to stay in lockdown for an extensive period of time

  9. Take attendance - make list of all people in room. Hold until requested


If an evacuation from the campus becomes necessary, the following procedures will be implemented:

  1. An announcement will be made giving specific directions for leaving the building(s) or parking lot(s)

  2. Medi Van will be called to provide transportation for individuals with disabilities

  3. If necessary, children in daycare will be transported to a safe and secure area


Anyone seeing a fire should:

  1. Activate the nearest fire alarm

  2. Dial 4777 to report the fire

  3. Leave the building via the closest available exit

  4. Move to the emergency evacuation assembly areas

  5. Remain outside until an "all-clear" announcement is made

Medical Emergency

If you observe an individual with an apparent medical emergency, follow these steps:

  1. Assess the situation (i.e., unresponsiveness, pulse, breathing, bleeding)

  2. Call out to obtain nearby help

  3. Dial 4777 from any FVTC office phone or use a black (Help) emergency phone. State that you have a Medical Emergency, give specific location information (building or room) and some information about the nature of the illness/injury. Whenever possible, someone should stay with the injured/ill person.

  4. Begin CPR if the person isn't breathing and doesn't have a pulse

Tornado/Severe Weather

When a tornado warning is issued for the area, the following steps are implemented:

  1. An announcement is made alerting students and staff of the warning.

  2. All students and staff should report to the designated shelter areas on the first floor. Do not leave the building.

  3. When the threat of a tornado has passed or the tornado warning has been cancelled an announcement will be made indicating that people can leave the designated shelter areas

Bomb Threat

The person receiving the call should:

  1. Attempt to gain as much information as possible from the caller

  2. Dial 4777 to report the bomb threat to Security Services

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