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Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)

Fox Valley Technical College’s new Public Safety Training Center provides vital hands-on tactical training for students and public safety professionals. As a national leader in public safety training and resources, Fox Valley Technical College can provide you and your staff with the tools and knowledge you need most. 

Located adjacent to Appleton International Airport in Appleton, Wisconsin, the Center combines classroom training with hands-on practice in a real-world setting. The PSTC is used to train tactics, investigation, firefighting, technical rescue, pursuit, air disasters, and much more. No other fully integrated training facility exists in the Midwest and only a handful of other facilities meet even a portion of the combined training needs that this facility offers.

The Public Safety Training Center includes the following tactical training resources to support multi-agency and multi-disciplinary joint training exercises:


Indoor Classrooms & Training Areas

(2) Defense and Arrest Tactics Rooms
(2) Indoor Firing Ranges
EMS Lab & Ambulance Bay
Fire Training Area & Apparatus Bay
Fitness Center
Forensics Lab
Jail Training Area
Telecommunications Training Area

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Emergency Vehicle Driving Range

Off-road Driving Area
Pursuit Track
Skid Pad
Skills Pad

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Outdoor Firing Range

(2) 50-yard Tactical Ranges
100-yard Firing Range
300-yard Sniper Range

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Fire Training

5-Story Class A Burn Building
Air Rescue & Fire Fighting Training
Burn Pods
Drafting Pond
Gas Meter Prop
HazMat, Vehicle Extrication & Car Fire Props
High-Angle/Technical Rescue
Ladder Training Tower
Trench & Confined Space Rescue
Sprinkler Lab
Water & Ice Rescue

For more information, contact: Jeremy Hansen at 920-225-5954 or

Scenario Village (River City)

Commercial & Residential Structures
Forced Entry/Tactical House
Permanent Mock Crime Scenes
Streets & Intersections

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

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Custom Training Contact

Law Enforcement
Dana Schmidt
Public Safety Training Center Coordinator 

Emergency Medical Services & Fire Protection
Jeremy Hansen
Public Safety Training Center Director

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