Microsoft Excel Advanced Features

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $99.00

In this seminar, you will learn some advanced features of Microsoft Excel and get introduced to macros that are easy to create, store and use.

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  • Learn About
    * Advanced features of Microsoft Excel
    * Organizing and consolidating data
    * Conditional formatting
    * Recording and executing a macro
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Make complex computations easier to perform
    * Learn tips and tricks to expedite your Excel actions
    * Reduce the number of keystrokes required to perform common commands by learning macros
  • Training Outline
    **Advanced Features**
    * Organizing with Grouping Columns, Rows, Images and Worksheets
    * Consolidating Data
    * Freezing or Splitting Rows/Columns
    * Using the Selection Pane
    * Conditional Formatting
    * Goal Seek
    * Scenarios
    * Text to Columns
    * Intercepting Entry Errors with Data Validation
    * Preventing Changes (Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks)
    * Quick Analysis Button
    **Recording Macros**
    * Recording Workbook Actions
    * Running a Macro
    * Executing Macros Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Buttons
    * Saving a Macro Enabled Workbook
    * Showing the Developer Tab
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