Delivering Presentations for Results

Hours: 5.00 | Estimated Cost: $219.00

In order to be effective in today's workplace, you need to be able to communicate information in a variety of formats, including the often-feared and dreaded oral presentation, delivered for an audience. Learn how to best organize your information, practice and master effective delivery techniques, and conquer your fears and deliver winning presentations. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation to a small group of co-participants and receive valuable peer feedback about the presentation content and your delivery technique.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * Techniques to reduce nervousness and anxiety
    * Analyzing and adapting your audience to address each person’s individual needs and expectations
    * Organizing your thoughts in an effective manner
    * Sending positive nonverbal messages that indicate confidence and support your message
    * Designing and using visuals effectively
    * Delivering presentations that enhance your credibility
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Explain ways to deal with nervousness
    * Describe adult learning guidelines and styles
    * Explain how to design and organize presentation material
    * Describe effective delivery techniques
    * Describe the effective design and use of visuals
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