Workplace Leadership Certificate: Advanced 4 part Series

Hours: 16.00 | Estimated Cost: $695.00

**Accelerate** leadership effectiveness. **Improve** critical thinking. **Elevate** team interaction. **Increase** self-awareness. As your leadership challenges change, renewing your skills is a priority to stay relevant and effective. This advanced 4-part series is your chance to reflect, refocus and renew your skills so you become a more effective leader. Work with a trained coach to develop a renewed action plan using 360° feedback and applied development goals. Leave with a clear path of how to continue your leadership development and inspire the people you lead. The certificate series includes 2 hours of one-on-one coaching and 4 leadership development modules: • ‘Leading without Drama’ • ‘Managing Multiple Priorities’ • ‘Advanced Myers-Briggs’ • ‘Performance Discussions: Effective One-on-Ones’. Prerequisite: Completion of the [Personal & Workplace Leadership Certificate: A 4-module Series]( or equivalent training and/or experience.

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  • Learn About
    * Ways to build leadership effectiveness
    * Improving critical thinking and problem solving skills
    * Strategies to elevate team interaction
    * Increasing your self-awareness
    * Renewing your leadership development plan
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Class size limited to ten (10) participants for accelerated, focused results
    * Use 360 degree feedback and applied development goals
    * Work with a trained coach to develop personal action plan
    * Two hours of one-on-one personalized coaching per participant
  • Training Outline
    **Module 1:** [Leading without Drama](https://
    * Identify the factors creating drama in the workplace
    * Practice strategies for deflating drama
    **Module 2:** [Managing Multiple Priorities](https://
    * Conduct an analysis of current time management
    * Develop a personalized strategy to manage time and priorities
    **Module 3:** [Advanced Myers-Briggs](https://
    * Value your strengths and become aware of the strengths of various types
    * Create a strategy for better communication and effective problem solving
    **Module 4:** [Performance Discussions: Effective One-on-Ones](https://
    * Identify characteristics needed for effective performance discussions
    * Practice an effective one-on-one discussion
  • Instructor & Presenter Bios
    **Judy Ruhl** -- Management Development Trainer
    Judy is a trainer/consultant with the Management Development Department of FVTC and has a proven track record in helping leaders, regardless of industry, meet their full potential. Her experience and flexibility ensure that each participant gains specific action items to get results. Particular areas of expertise include: Leadership (especially people skills), Train-the-Trainer, Myers-Briggs, Time Management, Generational Collaboration, Team Building and Strategic Planning.
    While Judy specializes in training front-line supervisors and staff, she also works with all levels of leadership in organizations. She serves a variety of industries, including service, construction, manufacturing and law enforcement. She has been a production shift supervisor, a technical representative and a research chemist.
    For more information about training Judy can provide for your organization, or to schedule a speaking engagement, call (920) 735-2526 or email
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