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Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $219.00

This seminar was developed to meet the needs of organizations and individuals who may need to conduct investigative interviews with their employees and/or have sensitive discussions with suppliers or customers. The approach is applicable in any interview where the goal is to learn the truth. An example could involve Human Resources interviewing; an employee who is involved in a policy violation such as falsifying an expense account, violating various rules or regulations pertaining to their job, harassing other employees, stealing from the company, or any other violation that comes into question. This technique can also be used by Buyers in discussions with suppliers as well as by sales people with customers. When the goal is to learn the truth, the Reid Technique can be helpful. In our one-day program, three primary topics will be discussed: behavior symptom analysis, the behavior analysis interview and the seven steps of positive persuasion.

Designed for corporate investigations, dealing with such issues as embezzlement, theft, drug use on the job, sexual harassment in the workplace, time and attendance fraud, etc.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Characteristics of investigative interviews and seven steps of positive persuasion
  • Analyzing behavior symptoms
  • Investigative and behavior provoking questions
  • Motivating and persuasive statements
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Understand the fundamentals of conducting a proper investigative interviews
  • Improved efficiency in obtaining the truth from subjects, witnesses and victims in a legally acceptable manner
Training Outline

**Behavior Symptom Analysis**

  • Verbal and nonverbal behavior symptoms
  • Review behaviors such as, attitude, posture, significant posture changes, grooming, personal and protective gestures, eye contact and verbal responses
  • Distinguish differences between a person telling the truth versus a person withholding information

**The Behavior Analysis Interview**

  • Investigative questions
  • Behavior provoking questions
  • How to phrase and ask behavior provoking questions
  • Describe the type of answers to anticipate from truthful and deceptive individuals

**The Steps of Positive Persuasion**

  • Persuasive statements to motivate the individual to want to tell the truth
  • Review the process:

STEP 1: State your Position

STEP 2: Development of Persuasive Statements

STEP 3: Overcome Resistance

STEP 4: Address the subjects Fears and Concerns

STEP 5: The Closer

STEP 6: Establish the Details

STEP 7: Document the Subjects Statement

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