Marketing Made Lean

Hours: 12.00 | Estimated Cost: $199.00

Marketing Made Lean is a four-part, 12-hour marketing series for marketing professionals and small businesses.

It will enable you to solidify your value proposition and align products/services with your customer’s needs; identify current and potential customer segments; maximize your marketing resources while driving sales and profits; explore and develop your marketing channels; create customer service strategies. The Marketing Made Lean series will incorporate tools from other disciplines including Lean Manufacturing, and design tools like the business model canvas.

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    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Defining your business purpose
    • Connecting with your vision
    • Positioning and developing marketing channels
    • Customer relationship strategies
    • Marketing ROI, strategic planning and implementation

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Increase customers, sales and profits
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Build on the 4Ps of marketing and 4Cs entrepreneurial marketing
    • Drive referrals

  • Training Outline

    **Session 1:** Vision, Mission & Value Proposition Canvas

    **Session 2:** Marketing Mix Analysis

    **Session 3:** Positioning, Branding, Strategy & Tactics

    **Session 4:** Marketing Budgets, Metrics & ROI

  • Requirements

    **Hardware Requirements:**

    • This seminar can be taken on either a PC or Mac

    **Software Requirements:**

    • PC: Windows XP or later
    • Mac: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later
    • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome is preferred
    • Adobe Flash Player. [Click here]( to download the Flash Player
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader. [Click here]( to download the Acrobat Reader
    • Word documentation (Microsoft Word) and spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) software must be installed and fully operational before the seminar begins


    • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account

  • Tips for Success

    You should have basic keyboarding and computer skills and be comfortable navigating the Internet and have email capabilities.

  • Instructors

    Your Marketing Made Lean seminar instructors/facilitators are successful, experienced, small business owners and are adjunct faculty with the Fox Valley Technical College Venture Center. They are passionate about helping you learn what you need to in order to take the next step and are committed to helping you get connected and take action. They are skilled business operators with impressive networks and will empower you to succeed with your business.

  • FAQs

    **Can I register for the Marketing Made Lean seminar if I am an international student?**

    Yes, Marketing Made Lean is delivered virtually, so anyone, anywhere, can join us.

    **Does this session prepare for a certification?**


    **When can I start the session?**

    You can register for the Marketing Made Lean session that works best for you. Click here for current dates.

    **How long does it take to complete this session?**

    Marketing Made Lean is delivered over four (4) sessions that are each three (3) hours. You will attend one session a week for four (4) weeks.

    **What kind of support will I receive?**

    You will meet and interact with other successful entrepreneurs and the FVTC Staff and Faculty who lead these sessions. You will meet other folks like yourself and be introduced to many other resources that exist to help you effectively and affordably market your business.

    **How can I get more information about this session?**

    If you have questions that are not answered on our website, you can also call us at 920-735-5709 during regular business hours to have your questions promptly answered. If you are visiting us during non-business hours, please send us a question using the [Contact Us]( form.

  • Reviews

    *"Marketing Made Lean was very good. This seminar really got me thinking about our current marketing and sparked some new ideas."*

    - Seminar Participant, 2018

    *"Great tools; I can't wait to use them and make marketing something that is an integral part of our business."*

    - Seminar Participant, 2018

    *"Very impressed with the quality of this program. Every small business owner should take it to get a better understanding of marketing."*

    - Seminar Participant, 2018

    *"Marketing Made Lean helped me create a vision and mission for our organization. Now that we have these I feel much more comfortable jumping into marketing aspects of our organization. We will be looking at our customer segments and working through the process right away."*

    - Seminar Participant, 2018

    *"I found the Marketing Made Lean workshop to be very beneficial. It allowed me to carve out time to dedicate energy directly towards our organization's marketing efforts. By the end of the course I not only felt that I had a good solid plan for my short term goals, I also was able to articulate long term goals that correlated to real number projections. The curriculum, course tools, classroom participation, and moderator style all fed into an entrepreneurial minded forum that was well received by other like-minded professionals."*

    - Seminar Participant, 2018


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