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The **complimentary** Fox Cities Operational Excellence Association (FCOEA) is committed to helping its members strengthen their business and community through knowledge sharing and networking. Our primary focus will be on the strategy and tools of Lean Six Sigma and their application for competitive advantage and success.
Key objectives of this group are to increase Lean Six Sigma effectiveness through knowledge sharing and networking. Join us for presentations, round table discussions on specific topics; sharing of ideas, resources, lessons learned and frustrations; demonstrations of practical examples vs. theoretical answers; inspiring innovation and transformation results.
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  • Learn About
    * Lean as a systematic approach to eliminating waste
    * How to achieve a lean environment
    * Best practices
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    **Fox Cities Operational Excellence Association**
    Thursday, March 9, 2023  |  7:30 am - 11:30 am  |  Registration Ended
    **Session One:** [Transitioning to Virtual Reality Training for Machine Operators]( to Virtual Reality Training for Machine Operators.pdf?ver=2023-03-14-104549-013)
    *Presented by Rob Pilecky, Kimberly-Clark *
    The manufacturing industry is onboarding more new employees than ever. In a 24/7 operating environment, where every unit of product is needed, these new employees don’t get the training repetitions needed to develop capability and confidence. As a result, they often don’t meet expectations, become frustrated, and leave, creating vacancies and wasting the time and money invested in their development. VR and other training simulations have created experiences that develop employee capability and confidence for long term gain without negative impact on immediate results. This has delivered as much as a 50% increase in capability after just 1-hour of simulation training, all without any risk to safety or productivity. 
    **Session Two:** [Facilitator’s Journey to Becoming a Coach]( Journey FCOEA March 2023.pdf?ver=2023-03-14-105428-520)
    *Presented by Theresa Moore, Operational Excellence Coach & Practitioner at TL MOORE LLC*
    As organizations move through the lean transformation, those supporting these efforts must also transform themselves.  During this session we will share the journey from facilitator to coach.  Key learnings and milestones will be highlighted, including not only the successes and a new way of thinking but the struggles and frustrations encountered along the way.  As a PI professional you are often looked to as the expert.  Moving from the role of PI expert to coach took deliberate practice and planning.  Like the leaders we support, we need to learn to be vulnerable, practice and be open to learning.  We hope that sharing this story will inspire others that it is OK to be vulnerable.
    **Session Three:** [Change Management: The Factors that Play into our Perception of Change]( Management FCOEA.pdf?ver=2023-03-14-104727-663)
    *Presented by Courtney Dvorak, Strategic Communications and Engagement Manager, KCNA Program Aurora*
    Change management is more than a model. It provides a support structure for organizations implementing significant change.  To be successful, you need to understand how change is perceived by those who will be impacted.  During this presentation we will cover three key areas that impact how people decide how they feel about change, and what you can do to help your organization move through the change more efficiently.
  • Target Audience
    The session is open to anyone that practices Lean/Continuous Improvement as a part of their job.
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