Business Feasibility & Exploration

Have you ever wondered if your business idea is feasible or your plans for expanding into new markets are viable? Work with business advisors from the [FVTC Venture Center]( or attend one of our complimentary 'explore' sessions to learn what type of assistance and support is available. Services are tailored to business start-ups and existing ventures exploring new business models.
Check out complimentary sessions regularly scheduled for the small business community.
* [Explore Business Model Design]( *Ideal for small business owners*
* [Explore Intellectual Assets]( *Ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, product development professionals, and independent inventors*
* [Explore Starting a Business]( *Ideal for small business owners and startup entrepreneurs*
* [Explore the Fab Lab]( *Ideal for business professionals, entrepreneurs, inventors, students, teachers, and 'creative souls'*

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    The **complimentary** *Explore Business Model Design* session will help expand your business by enabling you to map and streamline your business model. Today, innovating the business model is the most critical competency a company needs to develop and execute. If this were a once-in-a-business-life-cycle occurrence, you could hire consultants to do this for you. It's not. This is the 21st century way to empower your product, service and technology. Having the best product, service and technology was yesterday's game. Today you need to still have the best and you need to couple that with a powerful business model. That's a winning strategy.
    **Learn About:**
    * Exploring the evolution of business model design
    * Identifying key business design tools
    * Understanding how business model design will help you reinterpret strategy through the lens of the business model canvas
    The **complimentary** *Explore Intellectual Assets* session provides an overview of intellectual property and how it is used in product and business development. The development of intellectual assets is becoming increasingly important in business development. These assets may include confidential information, proprietary information, trade secrets, trademarks, domain names, copyrights and patents.
    **Learn About:**
    * Overview of dynamic innovation
    * Confidential information and working with outside organizations
    * Domain names, trademarks, and copyright
    * Inventions and patents
    The **complimentary** *Explore Starting a Business* session provides a look inside at what it takes to launch a startup and small business. Whether you're looking to turn your side-hustle into a full-time gig, grow your small business or scale a startup, this session will help you understand your next step.
    **Learn About:**
    * The entrepreneur/business owner mindset
    * Critical questions to consider when launching or growing a business
    * *E-seed™* Entrepreneurship Training Series: The experience and the results
    * 12 essentials for ramping up your business
    The **complimentary** *Explore the Fab Lab* session is open to business professionals, entrepreneurs, inventors, students, teachers and 'creative souls'. Discover more about the FVTC Fab Lab machines such as 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving and other computer controlled machines used in industry as well as the average home. Fab Lab resources are available to the community for a broad range of activities ranging from craft projects, guitar building, 3D printing and early stage prototyping.
    **Learn About:**
    * Moving your ideas to products
    * Prototyping
    * Laser engraving
    * 3D printing
    * Vinyl cutting
    * The ShopBot
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