Welding, Weld Certification & Metal Fabrication

Organizations are constantly looking for qualified welders and metal fabricators to work in a completely revolutionized industry. Fox Valley Technical College offers specialized training to assist employers in developing and improving these skills. A range of services are available and can be tailored to your specific welding or metal fabrication applications.
* Customized Skilled Welder Training
* Customized Metal Fabrication Training
* Destructive Testing
* Certified Welder Testing
* Welding Quality Standards
* Welding Robotics Assistance
* Customized Weld Cost Analysis
* Third-Party Testing
* Weld Symbols
* Press Brake
Learn more about the *Welding, Weld Certification & Metal Fabrication* service options available.
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  • Service Options
    **Customized Skilled Welder Training**
    Fox Valley Technical College can train participants to skillfully weld with many different processes. Depending upon your organization's needs, we can do a general overview of the process or we can make the training product specific. Topics include basic welding safety, proper machine setup, proper welding techniques, and welding in all positions on multiple materials including aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. To better apply the welding process training, we also offer welder specific blueprint reading and AWS welding symbols training. Popular services include:
    * Welding blueprint reading and symbols
    * GMAW (MIG) or wire welding
    * FCAW
    * GTAW (TIG)
    * SMAW or stick welding
    **Customized Fabrication Skill Training**
    Even with today's highly automated world, there is still a great demand for skilled fabricators. It may be hard to find just the right people to run your equipment, but there is an answer to your dilemma. Let Fox Valley Technical College customize fabrication skill training for you. Our instructors can help teach your employees on your equipment or in our Advanced Manufacturing Training Center with state-of-the-art equipment. We are able to train on most types of equipment including:
    * Water Jet Cutting
    * Laser Cutting
    * Press Brake Operation
    * Tube Bending
    * CNC Saw Operation
    * Measuring and Layout Tools
    **Destructive Testing**
    Destructive testing takes material to its ultimate failure point by means of tensile, bend, Rockwell hardness, and cut and etch testing. This is done extensively in the welding industry as means to verify a successful weld procedure. Each type of test has its special function when it comes to the overall soundness of welds. Destructive testing services include:
    * *Tensile:* Test stretches material or weld to failure to see if it meets minimum strength requirements
    * *Bend:* Test style used to bend a weld in half to expose possible discontinuities
    * *Rockwell Hardness:* Tests are done to prove the strength of materials by seeing how easily a round ball (about the size of a pin head) can be depressed into that material
    * *Cut and Macro Etch:* Weld joint to be tested, is cut perpendicular to the weld and then polished and acid etched to see the actual depth of weld penetration
    **Certified Welder Testing**
    A weld certification provides documentation that you have successfully completed a welding test demonstrating your ability to perform a weld to an industry standard. Weld testing services include:
    * State of Wisconsin
    * American Welding Society (AWS) credentials
    * American Petroleum Institute (API) certification
    * American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certification
    **Welding Quality Standards**
    Fox Valley Technical College is available to assist you with meeting your welding quality needs. Services include:
    * *Procedure Development:* Code compliant procedures such as AWS, ASME or other customer specific code; Pre-qualified procedures can be used for cost efficient application
    * *Procedure Qualification:* Specialized procedures for customer requirements; tensile testing, bend testing
    * *Weld Process Audits:* Perform non-biased evaluation of your welding operations; recommend process improvements for cost savings and improved efficiencies
    * *Renewal Tracking for Welder Qualifications:* Monitor expiration dates
    **Welding Robotics Assistance**
    Fox Valley Technical College offers specialized training to assist employers in developing and/or improving skills for robot technicians. Our trainers can evaluate your company's current systems and processes and offer custom robotic welding training including assistance with cell planning and design. Training includes systems such as:
    * Panasonic
    * ABB/ASEA S-2, S-3, S-4
    * OTC/Daihen C-1, C-2, DR, EX, AX
    * Motoman
    * Fanuc
    **Customized Weld Cost Analysis Training**
    Find out how much that weld really costs. Have a Fox Valley Technical College welding staff member train your team to evaluate the actual costs involved with your welding processes.
    **Third-Party Testing**
    Fox Valley Technical College offers specialized third-party options for testing. In testing it is often necessary to have a qualified and neutral party conduct such processes. Many companies find it very advantageous to have a third-party handle testing, saving time and labor in the process. Fox Valley Technical College offers:
    * Third-Party Testing
    * Pre-Hire Testing
    **Weld Symbols**
    Teaches the skills to interpret detailed weld symbols using the American Welding Society standard. Topics include groove welding symbols, fillet welding symbols, and plug and slot welding symbols as well as an introduction to destructive and non-destructive weld examination.
    **Press Brake**
    Learn the basic operating principles of running a press brake. Topics include how to develop part blanks, creating forming and simulation programs offline, how to perform stage bending, and advanced skills like applying tooling extensions and the utilization of specialized tools when needed.
    For beginner and intermediate-level weld trainees, the Miller AugmentedARC™ Augmented Reality Welding System simulates multiprocess GMAW (MIG), FCAW (flux-cored), SMAW (stick) and GTAW (TIG) welding, blending real-world and computer-generated images into a unique, augmented reality environment. The augmented reality welding system helps trainees complete their training faster making more effective use of training time.
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