Training Management Systems

A learning management system should solve problems, not create them.
Whether you need a system to manage training for a small number of employees or for a global audience comprising your workforce, distributors or even customers, we can help. Before you invest in an LMS that may be far more (or far less) than you actually need, consider partnering with us to create a system built from the ground up that includes only what you need and delivers it exactly as you need it.
**Learning Innovations SkillBoard includes:**
* Creation by experts who understand learning and training
* Customizable common LMS features and a whole lot more
* Immediate access to the Cloud or your infrastructure
* Modern user interface
* Scalable designs

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  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Manage and host your training modules with a customized training or learning delivery system
    * Assess progress or record completion results with tools that report each step
    * Solve problems quickly with access to technical assistance, training and online delivery
    * Increase knowledge retention through use of animation, photography and video production
    * Accommodate different learning styles through narration and audio production
    * Meet accessibility standards through the use of compliant material
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