Value Stream Mapping

Benefit from gaining an understanding of organizational value streams. This customized training service focuses on how value stream mapping sets the stage for beginning a lean implementation. It also addresses why a lean transformation requires creating, building and sustaining an organization-wide improvement environment. The understanding of these foundational lean tenets will identify opportunities for improvement and ready your organization for transformation.
The two-day applied training works through an organizational value stream and identifies goals and opportunities for improvement. Benefit from an activity that prepares you to facilitate or support mapping activities in your organization. Leave the session with a practical understanding of how value flows to the customer and value streams tie back to organizational goals and strategic plans.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * The principles of value stream mapping
    * The role of value stream mapping in continuous improvement initiatives
    * Learn by doing through mapping a specific value stream
    * Provide participants with reasonable expectations about the usefulness of value stream mapping in identifying continuous improvement opportunities
    * Discuss commitment to implementation of the developed improvement plan
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Improve employee performance by creating a culture that supports value stream mapping as a process for identifying continuous improvement projects
    * Learn by doing through the development of a value stream map with outputs and action plan for improvement activities
    * Provide participants with reasonable expectations about the usefulness of value stream mapping to guide improvement projects within the organization
    * Open discussion regarding organizational challenges and utilization of value stream analysis and its relationship to other organizational strategies
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