Problem Solving Using the A3

The A3 model provides an excellent structure for problem solving and strategic planning. Learn how this tool, developed by Toyota as part of its process improvement methodology, has helped transform the way organizations address workflow problems.
**Day 1** of the training introduces **A3 fundamentals** and a concise methodology to link problems, causes and solutions. **Day 2** puts the **tools into practice** through applications for problem solving, proposals, status reports and plans. Participants are encouraged to bring a problem statement to the training workshop in preparation for application exercises.
FVTC's team of Lean Six Sigma specialists offer a variety of customized training, consultation, self-paced and online solutions for the lean practitioner or front-line worker. Experienced and certified Lean Performance Center experts are available to present the *Problem Solving & Strategic Planning with A3* training for your employees at a date, time and location convenient for you.

    Additional Information

  • Training Outline
    **Day 1** - *Introduce continuous improvement utilizing the Plan-Do-Check-ACT methodology*
    * Concepts of understanding and identifying wastes; value-added vs. non-value-added
    * Building a culture of continuous improvement within organizations
    * A3 course overview and project expectations
    **Day 2** - *Introduce problem-solving fundamentals; applicability of A3 as a problem-solving tool*
    * A3 defined
    * Plan - Grasp the situation through a clear and comprehensive problem statement
    * Do - Find the root cause; introduce '5 Whys'; cause and effect diagrams
    * Check - Gap analysis to develop countermeasures
    * Act - Develop an action plan and follow-up
    **Day 3** - *Put the tool into action*
    * Group work on case study (company specific or other); develop A3 that addresses problem and develops an action plan
    * Prepare course participants for application of an individual or team A3 problem-solving activity
    * Provide one hour of project support; work directly on individual and team-based A3 projects
    **Day 4** - *Groups and individuals present their A3 documents*
    * Final debrief on organizational strategies and application of perpetual problem solving models to develop A3 thinkers
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