Lean Enterprise Project Certificate

Lean enterprise approaches are changing businesses by reducing waste and improving flow. Learn the skills you need with the *Lean Enterprise Project Certificate* from Fox Valley Technical College. This mentor-guided training includes five one-day sessions, plus two hours of one-on-one coaching to assist with a workplace improvement project of your choice.
**Learn how lean enterprise approaches:**
* Reduce order fulfillment lead times
* Reduce defects
* Optimize inventory turns
* Reduce set-up times
* Implement a lean organizational culture
Fox Valley Technical College and its Lean Performance Center provides training and consultation in all aspects of the lean enterprise. The one-on-one involvement with lean experts is what makes this program complete as all of our technical consultants have years of experience implementing successful lean improvement projects with companies of all sizes.
The *Lean Enterprise Project Certificate Series* provides a mentor-guided training series that allows you to test what you've learned while relying on an expert to help you focus your efforts and plan your improvements as you go through the series.

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    **Lean Overview**
    Introducing a systematic approach to eliminating waste within the office is becoming an effective extension of lean strategies. Identify and understand value from the customer's perspective and the eight common forms of waste that impede good flow. Learn the basics of 6S visual management, the application of flow and how lean impacts an organization's current work processes.
    **Lean Culture & Value Stream Mapping**
    Benefit from gaining an understanding of organizational value streams and lean culture. This session focuses on how value stream mapping sets the stage for beginning a lean implementation. It also addresses why a lean transformation requires creating, building and sustaining an organization-wide improvement environment. The understanding of these foundational lean tenets will identify opportunities for improvement and ready your organization for transformation.
    **Rapid Improvement Event Preparation & Facilitation**
    Rapid improvement or kaizen activities which implement change in organization processes are one of the most important elements in a successful lean implementation. Explore all the elements of preparing for and running a lean event. Roles are outlined and data gathering strategies are explored to help facilitators and team leaders understand the various roles and requirements.
    **Standard Work & Visual Management**
    Standard work is central to achieving and sustaining a lean environment because it outlines best practices and assures adherence to those standards. The adaptation of standard work and visual management techniques allows you to easily see variation in process and opportunities for improvement. Learn how to implement and successfully use these techniques.
    **Lean Project and Instructor Support**
    Lean is a "learn-by-doing" strategy and learning from others is a key component. Individually scope and implement a project with instructor support. Project presentations include information on project selection, data gathering, event planning or any component of the course material. The course includes two hours per participant of consultation and/or a site visit between *Lean Overview* and *Lean Project* courses.
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