Continuous Improvement Project Support

The experts at FVTC's Lean Performance Center will work with your project leaders and teams to manage projects to successful completion. Our services help teams to overcome challenges while acquiring new knowledge and skills.
Accelerate your continuous improvement efforts by having employees work with Lean Six Sigma experts that FVTC has selected specifically for your needs. Provide your project leaders with mentorship from seasoned experts who have experienced many of the problems that they face.
* **Project Mentorship** - We can provide mentorship through on-site visits, via Web conferencing, or over the phone. Through these flexible methods, we maintain a high level of service at a reasonable cost.
* **Sensei-supported Implementations** - Work with a Lean Six Sigma expert to address your area of specific need. Regular coaching followed by routine on-site visits is effective in driving lean six sigma deployments very quickly on a broad scale.
* **Six Sigma Deployment Support** - Work with a certified Master Black Belt to discuss, identify and resolve issues related to your Six Sigma deployment. Schedule periodic conference calls or on-site visits to review the status of action plans, resolve issues and identify corrective action.

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