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Team Development & Team Building

Teamwork is essential at every level in every organization. Team development and team building services provide the foundation for a strong workplace environment. Outcomes associated with *team development* and *team building* training include an understanding of:

  • Foundational workplace relationships
  • Team-based environments
  • The performance effectiveness of teams versus individuals
  • Personal work profile and styles of others
  • Tools and formats for holding effective meetings
  • The stages of team development and characteristics of healthy teams
  • Basic communication patterns frequently used/experienced in teams
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Tools and methods for reaching consensus

Review several approaches to team development recommended by employers and request a consultation to discuss a team-building activity, training, facilitation or event plan.

Additional Information

Module Options

**Build a Better Team by Design** *for all employee groups*

  • Team-building experience in the FVTC Fab Lab
  • Experiment with high-tech equipment to practice team skills
  • Team training and innovative fabrication projects designed for any audience
  • Team competitions to design, build and fabricate
  • Customized group experience builds stronger teams

**Corporate SWAT** *for teams seeking to grow and build strong bonds*

  • Experience a SWAT scenario at the FVTC Public Safety Training Center
  • Develop effective communication skills and trust in high-stress scenarios
  • Improve critical thinking and problem solving skills while engaged in high-stake situations
  • Learn to adapt to change in circumstances beyond our control
  • Collaborate as a team to achieve your goals and conquer the bad guys

**Critical Core Team Skills** *for all employee groups*

  • Positive attitude
  • Adapt to change
  • Work collaboratively in teams

**Facilitating Diverse Teams** *an online training option*

  • Beginning a facilitation session and maintaining focus
  • Creating and maintaining a positive meeting atmosphere
  • Recording group ideas and the rules of wording
  • Addressing and managing group conflict in a non-confrontational and effective way
  • Conducting process checks and exploring reasons meetings falter
  • Leveraging decision-making tools to arrive at agreeable solutions
  • Action planning and strategies to avoid poor follow through

**Lean Team Membership** *for continuous improvement teams*

  • Articulating a clear vision and purpose
  • Developing a high performance team-based organization
  • Creating a culture of innovation using teams
  • Building trust and strengthening communication
  • Embracing failures and celebrating successes

**Team Building Using Personality Assessments** *for all employee groups*

  • Team building with DiSC
  • Team building with emotional intelligence
  • Team building with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

**Team Communication Skills** *for all employee groups*

  • Conflict resolution
  • Generational communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback

**Other Team Building Modules** *for target audiences and needs*

  • Leading diverse teams
  • Building blocks of high-performance teams
  • Team facilitation and collaboration skills
  • Managing and leading off-site teams
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