Respectful Workplace & Harassment Prevention

Make each work day a positive one by examining attitudes and behaviors and by learning strategies to be proactive in promoting workplace respect. Become familiar with your organization's policies and laws. Learn the factors which influence your attitude about your workplace and acknowledge that all people have an equal right to work in a respectful workplace.

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    **Respectful Workplace**
    Training focuses on creating a harassment-free work environment and is customizable for supervising managers or the general workforce. Training emphasizes recognizing and addressing disrespectful behaviors while fostering a culture of personal safety. Trainees will learn the importance of communicating with civility, tolerance and mutual respect. Multiple forms of harassment will be referenced including sexual harassment.
    * Self-assessment of best practices regarding workplace relationships;
    * Why supervisors often seek to create workplace friendships;
    * The distinction between friend and a direct report;
    * Case study analysis: the friend for a manager/supervisor;
    * Identifying situations where employees overstep boundaries;
    * Planning & delivering performance feedback.
    **Sexual Harassment**
    The awareness-level training identifies different types of sexual harassment and the effects sexual harassment has on the individual and the workplace. You will how to prevent and/or eliminate workplace harassment. Training is customized to an organization's needs with a focus on:
    * Assisting managers in understanding state and federal laws governing workplace harassment
    * Describing individual and institutional liabilities
    * Outlining steps for investigating and handling complaints
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