Business Start-up for Specialized Markets

Learn how to research, start-up and promote your business in a niche market. The [FVTC Venture Center]( has developed several specialized services for entrepreneurs that have identified a gap in the market or want to put a local twist on a national business trend. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will gain the knowledge and tools to help them be successful. Explore [current seminars in select specialized markets]( or contact us to design a specialized format.
* Business Training for Direct Sellers
* Entrepreneurship Program for Veterans
* Thriving Local: Food Entrepreneurship Training

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    *Business Training for Direct Sellers* is designed to equip direct sellers with small business management and entrepreneurial skills to operate more successful direct selling businesses. The 10-module course introduces the fundamental components of small business management including marketing, finance, legal issues, planning and skills important to entrepreneurial business success.
    Gain a deep understanding of a wide variety of direct selling business strategies including individual sales efforts, party planning and network marketing scenarios, online sales and sales force recruitment and training. The course is based on the Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program Curriculum, a joint project of the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) and National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE).
    **Learn About:**
    * Fundamental skills of successful small business management
    * Developing customer relationships that last
    * Executing effective communication, sales and distribution strategies
    * Attracting a sales force, train and retain them
    * How to financially manage your business
    * Building a successful network
    ***Entrepreneurship Program for Veterans***
    *E-seed™ Entrepreneurial Training: Veterans Edition* (ENVoy) is an intense, rigorous, one-of-a-kind training series designed to leverage the resources in the entrepreneur and Veteran communities to offer practical, real-life, entrepreneur and small business management training and mentoring, for Veterans in the Fox Valley Technical College district. ENVoys aim is to provide a pathway towards economic independence for Veterans by helping them develop the skills needed to be successful in launching and growing a business.
    **Learn About:**
    * Small business ownership. Is it right for you?
    * Identifying and analyzing your industry, competition and market
    * Legal issues facing business owners
    * Bookkeeping and accounting systems
    * Networking with other peers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders
    There is a business trend to be a grower, processor or purveyor of local food. *Thriving Local* is a training series that provides entrepreneurs who have started or are thinking about starting a food-related venture that is not tied to large-scale, commodity-style production or sales. The materials are specifically designed for individuals who are pursuing innovative ideas and enhanced marketing opportunities within the local food eco-system.
    The 10-session series is delivered over 13 weeks via live, in-class instruction, lab sessions and one-on-one coaching.
    **Learn About:**
    * Understanding and developing a mission statement, goals and objectives
    * The planning process
    * Identifying and selecting a legal structure for your business
    * How to understand the concept of managing human resources
    * Marketing issues and the day-to-day impact on company profitability
    * Examining preliminary production potential
    * Promotional tools and selecting the most effective mix for your business
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