Phlebotomy for Healthcare Professionals

Perform phlebotomy with confidence and deliver quality patient service. Whether you work as a medical assistant, RN, LPN, phlebotomist or other healthcare professional, the customized training or skill refreshing instruction from our accredited instructors provides you the knowledge needed to protect specimen integrity. Hands-on instruction focuses on venipuncture and capillary collection techniques, equipment, safety and specimen handling. Frequently-requested services include:
**Phlebotomy Skills Refresher *(3 hrs)***
Stay current with your patient blood draw and specimen handling skills. The 3-hour training includes a refresher of venipuncture/skin puncture collection, addressing difficult draws, best practice procedures, safety and infection control. Training includes hands-on practice to assure skill acquisition.
**Phlebotomy for Healthcare Professionals *(72 hrs)***
Gain the skills to perform routine venipuncture, routine capillary puncture and special collection procedures. The 72-hour training introduces the process of venipuncture and how blood collection can impact patient care and results. Healthcare professionals and their organizations benefit from developing new skills, improved confidence in their techniques and quality specimen integrity. Training includes multiple opportunities to put your newly-acquired skills into practice in lab and simulated environments.

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