Medical Assistant Scribe Specialist

Medical assistant scribes typically document the verbal communication between the patient and the health care professional providing real-time documentation during medical examinations of physician notes within the electronic health record.
Team documentation can help return the clinician's focus to the patient encounter, improving the patient and clinician experience, and it provides an opportunity for growth that medical assistants enjoy. The medical assistant scribe is able to remain with the patient throughout the visit, conducting rooming activities before the visit, documenting the visit while the physician or provider is in the room and reemphasizing and educating patients at the end of the visit.
A medical assistant scribe is able to provide continuity for the patient and help build trust between the patient and the care team. They are trained in the documentation process for entering real-time documentation into the electronic health record during the patient visit.
The training course is offered in an online, instructor-supported format.

    Additional Information

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Explain the role of the medical assistant scribe in team-based care
    * Examine the role, responsibilities, etiquette, and functioning of a medical assistant scribe to the provider and the healthcare team.
    * Apply scribe workplace fundamentals
    * Practice scribing
    * Increased job satisfaction and overall higher-performing organization
  • Target Audience
    * Medical assistants looking to enhance their position to a medical assistant scribing role
    * Medical assistants transitioning to a team-based care model that need to learn the medical assistant scribing role.
  • Learn About
    * Features and benefits of a team-based care model
    * Critical interpersonal and communication skills for success
    * Medical documentation and recordkeeping
    * Specialized medical entries and edits for otorhinolaryngology, pulmonology, cardiology, gastrointestinal, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, orthopedics, and dermatology
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