OSHA Forklift & Lift Truck

OSHA's "Forklift Rule" requires operators of powered industrial trucks to be trained in their safe operation. The training must consist of classroom and hands-on instruction that is worksite and vehicle specific.
Employers must verify that the required training and evaluation has been conducted and the operator is competent to safely perform an operator's duties. This training, coupled with individual operator evaluation, meets OSHA standards. Evaluations can be conducted at the sponsoring organization's worksite on each type of powered industrial truck operated for an additional fee.
Individuals or small groups of employees looking for classroom and hands-on forklift/lift truck training can view scheduled [OSHA Forklift Classroom Seminars](www.fvtc.edu/apps/MyTraining/Public/FindAClass.aspx?title=Lift+Truck+Training:+Classroom) and [OSHA Forklift Hands-on Seminars](www.fvtc.edu/apps/MyTraining/Public/FindAClass.aspx?title=Lift+Truck+Training:+Hands-On).

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