NFPA 70E Awareness

**Introduction to NFPA 70E**
The management of arc flash potential and other electrical hazards identified in NFPA 70E continues to grow. This training provides participants with a basic understanding of NFPA 70E. Develop options for compliance and the methods for evaluating any facility for electrical hazards. Participate in lab settings to evaluate and recommend appropriate corrective actions.
Training addresses electrical safe work practices. Participants learn how to identify hazards related to energized electrical parts during activities such as installation, inspection, operation, and maintenance of electrical equipment. The training also addresses arc flash, shock hazard, and methods of safe release of victims from energized electrical parts.
**System Design**
This training outlines the steps used in evaluating electrical systems for NFPA 70E compliance and record keeping requirements found within this standard. Attendees participate in lab settings to evaluate and recommend appropriate record-keeping actions.

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