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There is a continuing need for highly skilled people in the manufacturing trades of the woodworking industry. FVTC provides customized training and seminars to meet the needs of woodworking and construction employers and their employees.
Traditional and new technologies of the wood products manufacturing industry are offered, including training in the fields of cabinet making, furniture, millwork and specialty products. Additional training opportunities are available in the safe and efficient use of a wide variety of hand and power tools, as well as computer-controlled machines used to manufacture wood products.
Education and training services are offered as seminars or can be customized to your needs. All training is limited to small groups and emphasizes a hands-on experience.
The wood technologies services include multiple training *module options* and custom consultation.

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  • Module Options
    **Basic Woodworking Education**
    Specialized training can be customized in topics areas such as wood working machines, cabinet and furniture construction, blueprint reading, sketching and drafting, tool and machine maintenance.
    **CNC Programming**
    Training provides an introduction to standard CNC coding, stressing the ability to read, write and edit code for CNC routers, etc. The training also covers operation of the General Numeric (Fanuc) O-MA control, and an introduction to automated CNC programming using SmartCAM software.
    **Moulder Operator (Weinig Unimat®)**
    Participants in this two-day seminar learn about basic moulder theory, feed/speed calculation, stock evaluation & inspection, machining defects/prevention, manual/computer-assisted setup, machine maintenance, and advanced moulder concepts. A six-head Weinig Powermat 500 Moulder is used for the hands-on portion of the training. Participants spend 25% of their time covering theoretical topics with the remaining time being hands-on activity in moulder setup and operation.
    **Profile Knife Grinder**
    This two-day seminar presented by the Wood Manufacturing Technology Department is designed to provide the maximum amount of hands-on time for template making and knife grinding, stressing the practical application of the theoretical information presented. Topics covered include theory of tool geometry, tool steel selection, template making, knife grinder setup, and knife grinder operation. Weinig 931 & 960 grinders are used for this hands-on training.
    **SmartCAM Production Turning™ Software**
    FVTC is an authorized training center for SmartCAM, a computerized system for generating CNC code from a graphic toolpath onscreen. If you have, or are considering purchasing, a CNC router or point-to-point machine, you may also need training in the operation of code generating software. We can customize that training to meet your requirements.
    **Timberline™ Estimating Software**
    This very broad software system consists of several modules covering all the aspects of the construction business, including material take-offs, inventory control, accounting, scheduling, etc. Fox Valley Technical College is an authorized training center for Timberline.
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