+Virtual: Computer Technologies

Select computer technology topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.
Check out popular topics, review module descriptions and contact us to schedule virtual training for your workplace.
* Microsoft Excel-Level 1
* Microsoft Excel-Level 2
* Microsoft Excel-Level 3
* Additional virtual topics available upon request

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  • Module Options
    **Microsoft Excel-Level 1**
    * Creating a basic worksheet
    * Performing calculations
    * Modifying a worksheet
    * Formatting a worksheet
    * Printing workbooks
    * Managing workbooks
    **Microsoft Excel-Level 2**
    * Working with functions
    * Working with lists
    * Analyzing data
    * Visualizing data with charts
    * Analyzing data with PivotTables and Pivot Charts
    **Microsoft Excel-Level 3**
    * Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks
    * Using lookup functions and formula auditing
    * Sharing and protecting workbooks
    * Automating workbook functionality
    * Creating sparklines and mapping data
    * Forecasting data
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