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Written Communication

Effective business writing skills are at the heart of good business practices. Effective use of language is critical to customer and associate communication. Fox Valley Technical College provides training modules in a range of written communication skills including:

  • Business Writing
  • Design and Documentation
  • Grant and Proposal Writing
  • Marketing Communication
  • Report Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Writing Foundations

Explore *module options* to learn more or request a consultation with one of our professional communications trainers.

Additional Information

Module Options

**Business Writing**

  • Writing process review
  • Specific techniques to convey a clear message
  • Writing for the intended primary and secondary audience
  • Reader-centered techniques to maintain customer and internal goodwill
  • Language that keeps your message clear, concise and contemporary
  • Document design that accomplishes your objectives
  • Email communication best practices

**Design and Documentation**

  • Digital and design preparation
  • Report and technical document preparation
  • Web communication and promotion

**Grant and Proposal Writing**

  • Grant announcement identification
  • Grant writing steps
  • Grant application submission

**Marketing Communication**

  • Social media
  • Writing and designing for the web
  • Marketing messaging


  • Document review skills to improve proofreading accuracy
  • Four approaches to proofreading
  • Writing process review
  • Proofreading compared to editing and the importance of each
  • Common errors in spelling, punctuation and number usage
  • Rules of capitalization and its nuances

**Report Writing**

  • Review essential report writing skills
  • Learn to recognize the elements of good report writing
  • Gain new skills on report formats and their usage
  • Use report models
  • Opportunities for practice, critiques and question-asking

**Technical Writing**

  • Basics of technical report writing using company documents
  • Editing skills using workplace examples and technical reports
  • Individualized coaching and writing feedback

**Writing Foundations**

  • Phrasing and sentence structures that are problematic for many people
  • Subtle grammar errors that invade written communication
  • Subject-verb agreement problems
  • Avoiding vague and faulty pronoun references
  • Redundancy elimination including adjectives, adverbs and phrases
  • Matching singular or plural subjects with appropriate verb forms
  • Correct verb form usage with indefinite pronouns
  • Omitting prepositional phrases when proofreading to ensure correct grammar
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