+Virtual: Communication Skills

Select communication skills topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a Live, interactive format.

Check out popular topics, review module descriptions and contact us to schedule virtual training for your workplace.

  • Business Writing
  • Communication Coaching - *only available after trainer consultation*
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Conquering Your Public Speaking Fear
  • Effective Meeting Skills
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Proofreading Skills
  • The Principles, Practices & Power of Apology
  • Writing Foundations

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  • Module Options

    **Business Writing**

    • Using reader-centered techniques to maintain customer goodwill
    • Choosing language that keeps your message clear, concise and contemporary
    • Designing documents that accomplish your objectives
    • Using direct and indirect approaches to accomplish desired results
    • Applying the best practices of email communication to your own writing

    **Communication Coaching** - *only available after trainer consultation*

    • Content is tailored to specific, individualized needs

    **Conflict Resolution**

    • The value of conflict
    • Understand why people don't embrace conflict
    • Self-assessment of conflict resolution style
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Conflict avoidance communication techniques

    **Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking**

    • The physiology of public speaking fear
    • Self-assessment of level of public speaking fear or anxiety
    • Understanding what fuels our response
    • Methods for coping and conquering fear or anxiety

    **Effective Meeting Skills**

    • Elements of effective meetings
    • Meeting facilitation technique
    • Meeting roles and responsibilities
    • Using guidelines for success to stay focused
    • Methods for checking consensus
    • Challenges of virtual meetings (webinars, conference calls)

    **Giving & Receiving Feedback**

    • Self-assessment on Giving Feedback
    • Analyzing feedback scenarios and identify opportunities
    • Planning for giving feedback
    • Three feedback challenges and ways to overcome them
    • Improving performance using positive feedback
    • Assessing opportunity as a receiver of feedback
    • Dealing with unjustified negative feedback (criticism)

    **Impromptu Speaking**

    • Self-assessment of impromptu speaking skills and reflection
    • The role of nonverbal communication
    • Process for handling impromptu questions
    • Direct vs. indirect answers
    • Avoiding the phrase "I don't know"

    **Non-verbal Communication**

    • Types of nonverbal communication
    • The impact of nonverbal cues
    • Open and supportive body language
    • Communicating with a helpful and positive tone
    • Filters and the effect on nonverbal messages

    **Proofreading Skills**

    • Proofreading approaches and tips to improve document accuracy
    • Rules regarding correct number usage in written communication
    • Spelling errors and commonly misspelled words that cause clarity problems
    • Punctuation rules for commas, semicolons, colons, dashes and quotation marks

    **The Principles, Practices & Power of Apology**

    • Explain the four key characteristics of all apologies
    • Identify your apology quotient and opportunity to build skill, through self-assessment
    • Describe the wholehearted apology and its components
    • Identify best practices when offering an apology to others
    • Explain essential factors when receiving an apology

    **Writing Foundations**

    • Matching singular or plural subjects with appropriate verb forms
    • Identifying the correct verb form to be used with indefinite pronouns
    • Omitting prepositional phrases when proofreading to ensure correct grammar
    • Eliminating redundant adjectives, adverbs and phrases
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