+Virtual: Business, Management & Finance

Select business, management and finance topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.

Check out popular topics, review module descriptions and contact us to schedule virtual training for your workplace.

  • Coaching & Feedback
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
  • Facilitating In-person Diverse Groups & Teams
  • Generation Differences in the Workplace
  • Managing Offsite Employees: *How to Stay Connected with a Dispersed Workforce*
  • Managing the Generation Mix & Difficult Behaviors
  • Motivating & Retaining the Millennial Generation
  • Performance Discussions: Effective One-on-Ones
  • Personal & Workplace Leadership Certificate: A 4-Module Series
  • Project Management
  • Supervision Series
  • Team Building by Leveraging DiSC Assessment
  • Additional virtual business & related titles available upon request

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  • Module Options

    **Coaching & Feedback**

    • Asking questions and listening to help others solve their own problems
    • Giving negative feedback constructively
    • Coaching to empower others

    **Dealing with Difficult Behaviors**

    • Brainstorm the difficult behaviors faced in the workplace
    • Identify strategies to cure or cope with the behavior

    **Facilitating In-Person Diverse Groups & Teams**

    • Beginning a facilitation session and maintaining focus
    • Creating and maintaining a positive meeting atmosphere
    • Recording group ideas and the rules of wording
    • Addressing and managing group conflict in a non-confrontational and effective way
    • Conducting process checks and exploring reasons meetings falter
    • Leveraging decision-making tools to arrive at agreeable solutions
    • Action planning and strategies to avoid poor follow-through

    **Generation Differences in the Workplace**

    • Discover the characteristics of each generational group
    • Learn methods to manage, motivate and lead the generations

    **Managing Offsite Employees** - *How to Stay Connected with a Dispersed Workforce*

    • Identifying the resources necessary for a productive dispersed team
    • Establishing relationships built on mutual trust
    • Leveraging virtual meetings and effective communication
    • Keeping team members on track and accountable
    • Warning signs of an unproductive employee and creating solutions
    • Following best practices for successfully engaging dispersed employees
    • Technology tools and platforms are not addressed

    **Managing the Generation Mix & Difficult Behaviors**

    • Brainstorm difficult workplace behaviors and strategies to address them
    • Learn approaches for working and coaching different generations in the workplace

    **Motivating & Retaining the Millennial Generation**

    • Characteristics of each generational group
    • Methods to manage, motivate and lead employees of each generation
    • Strategies to create harmony within an organization
    • Working towards common goals

    **Performance Discussions: Effective One-on-Ones**

    • Discover how to conduct effective one-on-one discussions with your employees to build trust, inspire professional development, align goals and provide employees with a sense of recognition and ownership
    • Effective one-on-one discussions are a great way to communicate individually with your team
    • One-on-one discussions help build relationships, offer support and guidance, and help keep your team aligned

    **Personal & Workplace Leadership Certificate: A 4-Module Series**

    • Features four leadership development modules: *Building Trust in Leadership*, *Developing Your Personal Leadership Style Using Myers-Briggs*, *Coaching and Feedback*, and *Managing the Generation Mix and Difficult Behaviors.*
    • Building leadership capability
    • Improving personal performance
    • Strategies to elevate leadership to the next level
    • Includes two hours of coaching per participant

    **Project Management**

    • Align project to organizational objectives
    • Manage scope, cost, timing, and quality of the project
    • Identify project goals, constraints, deliverables, and performance criteria
    • Control changing expectations and resource requirements in consultation with stakeholders

    **Supervision Series**

    • Analyze your role as a supervisor
    • Identify methods to build trust among your team
    • Learn 16 personality types and how to lead them
    • Develop strategies to communicate clearly to get results
    • Build the communication skills to handle correction effectively
    • Influence in ways that build respect for your leadership
    • Learn to affect behavior, including the difficult employee

    **Team Building by Leveraging DiSC Assessment**

    • Experience the researched, validated and reliable personality assessment
    • Gain insights into your natural and adapted styles
    • Increase self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems
    • Create a preferred environment to increase productivity and morale
    • Leverage team members personalities to promote collaboration and innovation
    • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
    • Manage with a customized approach for superior effectiveness

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