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APICS CPIM Instructor-Supported Online Classes 


In partnership with APICS, FVTC offers APICS CPIM courses in an online, instructor-supported format. Participants are assigned to an APICS certified instructor who supports their learning activities during the course. 

The Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) coursework provides a common basis for individuals and organizations to evaluate their inventory management. The program has helped individuals and their organizations become more productive and competitive because it is designed to test candidates’ in-depth knowledge of a variety of subjects specific to production and inventory management.

Why pursue APICS Certification?

APICS certification programs open the door to job opportunities and your career advancement. According to a recent APICS Salary Survey, respondents with CPIM credentials earned 15 percent to 23 percent more than non-certified professionals.

In addition, more internet-savvy manufacturing companies are demanding APICS certification on applicant resumes. On, more than 61 percent of manufacturing jobs request APICS certification!

The CPIM and CSCP programs specialize in results-oriented education, which means that you will walk away with more than the professional credentials that you have earned. You will learn to apply what you have learned in your own job, giving you enhanced credibility and recognition as a valued resource within your company.

Why now? Let's face it, with the hectic world we live in, there will be no perfect time to begin certification. Now is time to roll up your shirt sleeves and dive in!

Ready to begin? It's easy! The best way to begin is by enrolling today in the Basics of Supply Chain Management course for the CPIM certification. We're here to help.

Contact us if you have any questions on how to begin your CPIM certification.

Time Commitment & Expectations

Students are expected to complete a chapter a week and most students spend between 2 and 5 hours per chapter. Below is a listing of the five modules and the number of chapters and weeks:

Basics of Supply Chain Management - 10 chapters / 10 weeks
Master Planning of Resources - 8 chapters / 8 weeks
Detailed Scheduling and Planning - 9 chapters / 9 weeks
Execution and Control of Operations - 8 chapters / 8 weeks
Strategic Management of Resources - 8 chapters / 8 weeks

After the course end date you will be given 4 additional weeks of access to the course as a self-study tool to prepare for the APICS exam.

Courses & Start Dates

Fees & Books

Course fees are paid directly to Fox Valley Technical College. All materials and exams are purchased directly from APICS. 

APICS CPIM Budget Worksheet (PDF)

Online Classroom Benefits

  • Learn with interactive hands-on learning objects.

  • Succeed with organized structure and guidance to complete weekly activities. 

  • Prepare to pass the examinations with course activities that were designed for this purpose.

  • Expect quick response from industry, supply chain, and education experienced certified instructors.

  • Apply your ideas in your job after learning from others..

  • Earn two Fox Valley Technical College credits.

  • Learn at your convenience anytime, anywhere around the world!

Online Virtual Tour

See for yourself! Take a virtual tour of the CPIM online course. 

Username: basics
Password: basics

Take the Tour

Getting Started

  1. APICS Membership – contact APICS via phone click here for more information. Obtain membership prior to registration to get a discount on the course fee during registration with FVTC for each course.

  2. Purchase current participant workbook at It is the student's responsibility to purchase and receive your materials from APICS before the start of class.

  3. Create a Fox Valley Technical College Student ID#. Use same ID# for all courses.

  4. Register for the APICS CPIM course you are interested in. View courses here.  

    • APICS recommended course order:

    • Basics of Supply Chain Management

    • Master Planning of Recourses

    • Detailed Scheduling and Planning

    • Execution and Control of Operations

    • Strategic Management of Resources

  5. Payment in full in USD’s at least one week prior to the start date to avoid being dropped.

  6. You will be emailed a welcome letter five days prior to class start date.  Notification of delay or cancelation of course, if class minimums have not been met, will be emailed to give you options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Links

CPIM Learning Object

Begin your CPIM journey by learning more about the basic tenets of the CPIM modules and the benefits of achieving certification.  What is CPIM and why should you complete the five modules?  Review the attached learning object to discover the answer.

Learn More


The Association for Operations Management  is a not-for-profit international organization respected throughout the world for education and professional certification programs.  APICS' certifications, training tools, and networking opportunities increase workplace performance. 

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FVTC Provides Worldwide Service

Our online APICS CPIM and APICS CSCP participants span the globe. Following is a list of represented countries and regions:

Antigua  |  Argentina  |  Austria  |  Bangladesh   |  Belgium  |  Bosnia/Herzegovina  |  Brazil  |  Bulgaria  |   Canada  |  Chile  |  China  |  Colombia  |  Croatia  |  Czech Republic  |  Denmark  |  Dominican Republic  |  Ecuador  |  Egypt  | Equatorial Guinea  |  France  |  Germany  |  Ghana  |  Guatemala  |  Hungary  |  India  |  Indonesia  |  Iraq  |  Ireland  |  Israel  |  Italy  |  Japan  |  Jordan  |  Kazakhstan  |  Kenya  |  South Korea  |  Kuwait  |  Lithuania  |  Luxembourg  |  Malaysia  |  Mexico  |  Netherlands  |  New Zealand  |  Nigeria  |  Norway  |  Pakistan  |  Peru  |  Philippines  |  Poland  |  Portugal  |  Puerto Rico  |  Romania  |  Russian Federation  |  Saudi Arabia  |  Republic of Serbia  |  Singapore  |  Slovakia  |  Slovenia  |  South Africa  |  Spain  |  Sweden  |  Switzerland  |  Taiwan  |  Thailand  |  Turkey  |  United Arab Emirates  |  United Kingdom  |  United States  |  Vietnam  |  West Indies  |  Yugoslavia 

Wherever you are, you can achieve your goals with FVTC Instructor-Supported Online courses.

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 APICS is the leading association for supply chain and operations management.

New APICS CPIM Part 1 & Part 2 Coming Soon. 


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