Business & Management

Business and management programs cover a broad spectrum of career options. You can choose from programs in human resources, management development, legal studies, meeting & event management, supply chain management and more.

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Accounting & Finance

Money makes the world go ’round and with an FVTC accounting, banking or finance degree, you can be part of this with a new career. If you have an eye for detail and love working with numbers, you’ll be a great fit in one of these programs.

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With a communications degree, you’ll become an expert in messaging and technology. You can have a great career as a technical writer, social media manager or web content developer.

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Administrative Professionals

Administrative assistant, office manager, customer account representative and project coordinator are just some of the careers available to you with an administrative professional degree or diploma.

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Graduate Employment
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Average Annual Salary
5 years after graduation ($58,619 after 6 months)
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Student Spotlights

Student Spotlight: Rhiannon Gauerke

Rhiannon chose the accounting program at FVTC because she views accountants as the nurses of finances in businesses and she has a love for helping find the answers to...

Student Spotlight: Hannah Slachetka

Hannah chose the Professional Communications program to hone the skills she needs to prepare her for any career path that she chooses. 

Student Spotlight: Jessica Roberson

After helping a family member recover from severe debt, Jessica realized how much she enjoys accounting and decided to enroll at FVTC. 

Student Spotlight: Diana Salentine

Recognizing the plethora of career opportunities that a degree in Professional Communications offers, Diana felt confident it would provide her the freedom to choose which...