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Program Preparation Courses

Set yourself up for success! If you need to work on math, science, sentence skills, and/or reading, Program Prep courses will help build your academic skills to be successful in your program. Your Program Prep courses are based on your individual needs and program selection.

More About Program Prep

Who takes Program Prep courses?

If you want to pursue a degree or diploma program, but did not meet the assessment cut-off score for math, sentence skills and/or reading, Program Prep courses will help you bring your skills up to a level that will give you greater confidence and success in your program.

Is there a cost?

Yes, the tuition and fees for Program Prep classes is similar to the cost for other college courses.

Can I use financial aid?

Yes, if you are admitted to an aid-eligible program and have been awarded financial aid, then you can use your aid to pay for Program Prep courses. You are strongly encouraged to take at least one program class in addition to Program Prep. 

How do I register?

Just like all Fox Valley Tech classes, you can register at any FVTC location or online via your MyFVTC Account.

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Program Prep Courses



Provides an introduction to algebra. Includes operations on real numbers, solving linear equations, percent and proportion, and an introduction to polynomials and statistics. Prepares students for elementary algebra and subsequent algebra related courses.

Introduction to College Writing


Introduces basic principles of composition, including organization, development, unity and coherence in paragraphs and multi-paragraph documents.

Introduction to Reading & Study Skills


This course provides learners with opportunities to develop study skills and expand reading skills including comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary skills. Learners apply reading skills to academic tasks and read to acquire information from a variety of sources.

Preparation for Anatomy & Physiology


This course provides a general survey of the structure and function of the human body including chemistry, cells, tissues, organs and body systems. This course is intended for students who seek additional preparation for college level course work in anatomy and physiology. The course also helps students prepare for the anatomy and physiology portions of the TEAS test for nursing.

Preparation for Basic Chemistry


Introduces basic principles of chemistry including the properties of matter, atomic structure and the classification of chemical reactions. Students learn to characterize solutions, acids and bases, and differentiate between elements and compounds.

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